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Fashionista NOW: Crochet Shorts Style Inspiration

Shorts with crochet details are becoming a style staple that screams chic, playful and ultra feminine too.

With the temperature warming up outside, ladies could use a fresh new alternative to the broad array of shorts that they’ve been used to by now. And that is where crochet shorts comes in. Being a style statement by themselves, these shorts can be dressed up or down depending on what you choose to wear them with.

Shorts in a white or cream color with crochet features can be paired with a structured top in a vibrant color of your choice. To get a chic and sophisticated look, put on a pair of heels or pumps to complete the look. For a laid-back look, replace the heels with sneakers or wedges of your liking.

The length of your shorts can also add to a look that you’re aiming to achieve. For a casual frolic out in the sun with your loved ones, crochet short shorts are great. Longer crochet shorts are best for a semi-formal occasion where you’re allowed to show off your fun and playful side.

Crochet naturally symbolizes feminine ideals. Crochet shorts can add a soft ladylike twist to your outfit in an instant. A mix of classic neutral colors in a getup that features crochet shorts is classy and very down-to-earth at the same time. If you’re all about mixing and matching colors, the monochromatic crochet shorts will blend in with the overall look as well.

Below are some fashion inspiration on how to wear crochet shorts:

So what do you think of shorts featuring crochet? Do you like the intricate details and textures that it brings? Or is it too granny for your taste? Share your thoughts down below.

Fashionista NOW: Crochet Fashion For Those Who Love Textures

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