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Fashionista NOW: Chic Halter Tops Fashion Inspiration

Wonder what style of tops to wear during the dry spell? Make halter style tops a part of your tropical summer-friendly wardrobe.

The tropical heat urgently calls for a top style that can be worn for dressy to the more laid-back of occasions without causing you to stew in your own juices.

Let’s be honest, the heat, haze and water rationing are all getting to us here in Malaysia.

Have you found yourself sacrificing your sense of fashion because you no longer get to have long showers? I hope not! The fashion queen does not let temperature and water supply limits get in her way.

And if you’re tired of weathering the heat whenever you step out of a building, why not wear something that allows for seamless air mobility and offer that special finger to the extremely heat-y and humid equatorial weather (and while you’re at it, bring a cute umbrella..)?

Umbrellas aside, halter tops made in breathable material help do just that.

This style of top has a signature halterneck, which is a single strap that wraps or ties around the neck. A design such as this allows the wearer’s back to be uncovered.

And exposed shoulder blades are pretty sexy, don’t you think? If you’re a fan of midriff-exposing, there are halter crop top variety for you to choose from.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a top style that doesn’t trap heat and make you break out in sweat; the design aside, make sure to pick breathable cotton material over anything else, OR you’ll regret it. When heat’s concerned, fabric trumps design, remember?

Sorry neoprene, Malaysia’s weather isn’t made for you.

As always, to the lookbooks below for a quick inspiration on how to wear halter tops and a handpicked selection of stylish halter tops that must be made into your spring/summer wardrobe:

tropical eyelet halter top – Line & Dot

halter crop top – O-Mighty

vintage halter crop top – Etsy (LuluTresors)

halter neck top – Fauxfeathers

white halter top

Here’s a list of summer-friendly dressy halter tops that you may just like:

Summer-friendly halter tops

More fun-loving halter style tops here:

Fun-loving halter style tops

So, has the heat, haze and water rationing triggered a change in the way you get dressed everyday? Would you consider wearing halter tops this season? Do you appreciate the halter style trend? Let us know down below.

“Fashions, after all, are only induced epidemics.”George Bernard Shaw

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