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Fashionista NOW: Chic In Neoprene Fashion Inspiration

Neoprene has evolved from being a material associated with surf and scuba wear to one of the hottest trending fashion fabrics as fashion designers bring it out from under the water, beyond the shoreline, into the runways and down the streets with luxe sporty chic interpretations.

The surf-inspired fabric went under the fashion spotlight in 2012 with Michael Kors’ spring fashion collection and has steadily been easing into the collective wardrobes of global fashionistas.

Neoprene for summer?

Touted as the trend to wear for the seasons of spring and summer this year, I question the fabric’s breathability and if the rubber textile friendly enough for the tropical equator.

Being that neoprene is water-resistant, I could not get my head around the idea of wearing it now that the Malaysia’s signature heat and humidity is high and vile.

Features of neoprene

Trend-wise, neoprene does have its highlights in terms of the flexibility in holding diverse shapes and designs as well as being superbly beach-friendly. Think structured dresses with peplum and pleated details and neoprene skater skirts thrown in the mix.

To the touch, neoprene is super smooth, lightweight, and has a way of maintaining a structural form that it has taken the spot as the latest wrinkle-free and water-resistant textile that pushes the boundary in fashion experimentation. It appeals to the clumsy and the posh alike for obvious reasons.

How to wear neoprene?

If you’re a fan of structured frocks that can hold their own and not have to be bothered with shapewear every time you slip into a dress, neoprene dresses will be right up your alley.

While some pieces like boxy oversized neoprene sweaters can appear massive, skirts and dresses in neoprene are easier to don as they hold the classic feminine silhouette regardless of your existing figure type.

Nevertheless, neoprene may accentuate the bulkiness of certain body parts thus it’s best to work with your body type. Slim figures may appreciate the extra padding and on straight boyish frames, neoprene skirts and dresses can bring in some needed curves.

As for me, I’d err on the side of common sense and stay away from neoprene altogether because the idea of bathing in my own sweat is enough to trigger a headache. I’d save it for the monsoon, instead.

For those in cooler temperatures, and where summer is mild, go on and embrace the neoprene trend to your heart’s desire.

As always, to the lookbooks to learn how you can sport neoprene in seamless style:

neoprene red dress – Sheinside

high neck neoprene sweater – Front Row Shop

neoprene skater skirt – Asos

neoprene sweater – Zara | neoprene skirt – Pull & Bear

neoprene pleated skirt – Choies

blue neoprene dress – Club Monaco

Do you like the neoprene trend? Do any of the looks here complement your style? Own any neoprene pieces? If so, when and how do you choose to wear them? In your opinion, is the fabric suitable for hellish hot weather wear? Comment below and let me know.

“Humility and knowledge in poor clothes excel pride and ignorance in costly attire.”William Penn

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