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Fashionista NOW: Banana Prints Fashion Inspiration

Going bananas from the summer’s heat and humidity? Reflect that spirit by wearing banana printed clothing!

Bananas, just like mustaches are comical for some inexplicable reason. With summer fashion, anything under the sun goes and that bananas may just be the thing to wear. If pineapples aren’t your favorite, count on bananas to give you that fruity option perfect for the season.

In 2004, banana prints left a mark in on Chloé fashion runway, a label designed by Phoebe Philo. Prada transformed the youthful and quirky side of banana prints in fashion by making them appeal to the more serious and mature dressers with a summer 2011 collection.

Just the previous month, bananas returned in the form of a cozy jumpsuit with banana leaf prints worn by Jennifer Lopez as she went about her weekend routine with the kids. The Saturday’s Vanessa White was also spotted wearing the same full-length jumpsuit.

Even if those prints aren’t exactly of the ripe yellow bananas, the mere suggestion that leaves of bananas are gradually leaving an impression among the trend-consuming masses has driven back the banana print obsession into this year’s fashion arena.

Look nowhere else but below for a roundup of banana printed looks for your summer fashion inspiration:

banana print dress with polka dots – Fairground/Zalando

banana print skirt – Seventeen Origins

banana skirt – Be My Trash

banana print t-shirt – Oasap

banana shirt

banana print dress with polka dots (worn as shirt) – Oasap

banana print suit – Topshop

banana top – H&M

Would you wear any of these outfits for summer and have a slice of the tropical fruit trend? Or is this trend too bananas for your more sober style inclination? Voice it all out below!

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