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Fashionista NOW: The Fake Mustache Trend & Mustache Prints

As fashion trends go, the faux mustache is refreshingly different in that it’s actually inspired by the mustaches of real man, albeit cartoon-y and that it has the tendency to make other people smile or giggle (and the rest completely indifferent).

I find mustaches to be both funny and not-so visually appealing because they really do appear like creepy caterpillars on the upper lips of men.

An image of an evil and cunning man sporting a bushy mustache has been imprinted in my mind that I’m just incapable of holding a neutral view on mustaches. Well. not all men with mustaches are evil lunatics of course. Cue in Johnny Depp! Woot Woot.

On another hand, the whole ‘stache thing is pretty darn hilarious too. Whenever my brother sports a real one on his face, I just see him differently. One moment, his face becomes a source of amusement and next he’d look like he’s in a state of perpetual despair.

He’s also aware that wearing a full mustache does affect the atmosphere of his workplace.

Eye-contact and smile exchanges with his colleagues become reduced and some would start offering unsolicited motivational advice about life thinking that a mustache-wearing man at this day and age is somehow on a brink of a crisis.

The good bit is that his workmates actually focus more on work-related stuff when he and his mustache are around. True story!

Anyhow, the faux mustache trend isn’t that dramatic for a good reason. Ladies and men are sporting mustaches on shirts, sweaters, jewelry, shoes, bags and many more.

I’ve yet to own anything with mustache prints and although it’s not vital that I get one immediately, I’d love a top with colored ‘staches kind of like what Lini Trinh’s wearing in the picture above!

Check out how lookbookers are wearing the trend:

gold mustache necklace

mustache on a stick

mustache necklace by Personalized Accessories

mustache bag

mustache tee DIY

mustache bat sleeves t-shirt by Solilor

mustache phone cover

mustache necklace

What do you think of the faux mustache fashion trend? Do you find it inexplicably quirky and dorable or is the ‘stache better left in its natural habitat. Share below!

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