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Fashionista NOW: Autumn Footwear Trend ~ How To Look Good In Ankle Boots?

Ankle boots are trending at this time of the year and it doesn’t take a genius to spill the reason why. Nothing completes a Fall wardrobe like a pair of stylish ankle boots in black or brown. Wearing these boots right, on the other hand, may seem like a challenge. Learn how to wear them correctly as you breeze by in style this Autumn.

I’m one of the fussiest shoe shopper on earth. I don’t care for tall dainty heels. Chunky monstrous footwear the likes of Jeffrey Campbell’s Litas make me cringe and I cannot fathom a single reason why anyone would want to spend a dime on them. Ankle booties, however swing right up my alley.

Visually, they’re perfect full coverage practical shoes that I appreciate best flat or with a slight elevation. The ones with thin heels I have to seriously pass as I don’t get the reasoning behind having thin heels for elevation, just because I’m a woman.

Thin heels on my feet equal catastrophic tumbling and awkward walking. Nobody wants to witness that and most of all, it’s douchebaggery to put my poor feet in that kind of position. You don’t see men’s footwear having thin delicate heels now, do you?

Anyway: Liking ankle heels is easy as repinning a pin on pinterest but wearing them right is a delicate matter altogether. Accompanying the fashion imagery below are some tips on how to wear ankle booties right:

ankle boots with gold ankle cuffs – eBay

Ankle boots have the potential of visually chopping the line of your torso making it shorter than it seems. Should you decide to wear a skirt with a pair such as the above, make sure the hem falls a couple inches above your knee. This also works with shorts. The more leg that is bared, the less cut-off your legs will appear.

This is of course open to your own interpretation and preference.

studded ankle boots –

Ankle boots with statement studs and buckles are simply eye-catching and can turn an outfit around in a jiffy. Wearing a pair of pants in the same color as your booties add inches back to your height.

Pick slim-legged pants where the bottom tapers around the leg so that the hem retains a slim and straight look when tucked into the boots.

sharp toe platform ankle boots –

Platform ankle boots may look good on slim legs. Do note that chunky platforms will create a bottom heavy effect that can distract from your overall look. Solution: Pick platform heels that aren’t that mad thick.

Bonus style points for sporting denim overall over a black and white plaid blouse.

silver buckle black ankle boots – Romwe

Repeat style pointer: Wear your bottom in the color that blends with your boots. If you’re wearing tan ankle boots, slip on tan skinny jeans. No flesh bared when wearing pants and booties translates into a visually long torso. If you need a height boost, this is the easiest way to get it.

black vegan leather lace-up ankle boots – Nasty Gal

If you think you can pull off a flowy dress with a pair of serious ankle boots with a chunky heel, go for it the way that it’s done here. The juxtaposition of the feminine dress, airy and light against the bold black booties presents an ultramodern vibe to this number.

This pairing looks good on tall ladies that aren’t afraid of losing inches from their height due to a peek of leg flesh baring as the hemline falls mid calf.

ankle boots – Franco Sarto

Shorts and ankle booties go together perfectly for long-legged gals. Boots that come in muted shades such as beige, gray, brown, tan and black are worth investing over colored ones.

Colored booties call for a much more coordinated outfit arrangement whereas neutral colored boots are versatile enough to be sported with any outfit.

stud embellished and buckled ankle boots – Steve Madden

A peek of leg flash here and not a fashion police in sight. Don’t worry too much about creating the perfect line when pairing boots with pants/skirt.

Notice the gathered hem where it’s tucked into the boots? Now, that can be completely avoided by wearing pants with tapered or slim-cut legs.

This will help to keep a streamlined silhouette which we want and prevent a dragged-down effect that may not do justice to ladies of a petite form.

leopard print ankle boots with feather details

With scene-stealing leopard booties like these, you’ll want to keep your outfit muted and streamlined.

Notice there’s not a tease of leg flesh here as Barbara(above) keeps it fresh and conservatively chic by teaming a black mini dress with long sleeves, black opaque tights, black fringe bag with the statement-making boots.

This outfit is so well put together that I am more than slightly envious!

agatha chelsea brown ankle boots with buckle – Asos

Here’s a look that is whimsically organized with a touch of retro.

I adore the nostalgic vibe of this getup.

With flat ankle boots that extends just pass the ankle and stay closely snug to your feet, you need not have to worry about how much leg flesh is enough to show.

The warm burgundy from the floral dress and her lovely tan work well with the chosen boots while the brown shade from the bag, coat, belt and hat helps tie the whole look together.

So ladies, how have YOU been wearing your ankle boots? Do you live by these fashion rules every time you whip out your ankle boots? If you have other tips on wearing ankle booties, feel free to share them in the comments so that others will benefit from it too!

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