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Fashionista NOW: A Cropped Hoodie Style For All Your High Waisted Bottomwear

A Cropped Hoodie Style For All Your High Waisted Bottomwear

A cropped hoodie partners up wonderfully with anything high-waisted and is the perfect outerwear for unpredictable weather woes here in Malaysia.

With this particular hoodie style, you get the best of both worlds. The hooded neckline prepares you for when you want to take immediate cover from the onslaught on good strong sunshine or to survive a sudden shower as you get to a shelter when you’re caught with no umbrella. The crop silhouette is not only a way to express your sense of style but it offers an opportunity for ventilation when the sudden pour stops and you’re feeling the creeping signature tropical humidity slowly making you want to drop the layers.

While there are countless of hooded sweaters to choose from, I am fond of this affordable one by as it has the hooded neckline that I love nailed down – you can see that at the neck with the hood – there’s a volume there that comes from the structured of the hood. Instead of just dropping down due to gravity, the hood holds itself up even when it’s not covering the head. Perhaps this is minor but it’s a major bonus point for me. And if you love a bit of that athleisure style vibe, the strategic stripe at the back of the hood is a nod to that.

Have a lot of high-waisted shorts, skirts and pants in your closet? Then, this is the hoodie style to go with them! Without further ado, enjoy looking at the simple yet stylish cropped hoodie.


Stripe Detail Black Crop Hoodie


| shop here


Stripe Detail Blue Crop Hoodie


| shop here


Stripe Detail Red Crop Hoodie


| shop here


Stripe Detail Yellow Crop Hoodie


| shop here


Which crop hoodie would you love to wear? Share below – I’d love to know.

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