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Fashionista NOW: 5 Jaw-Dropping Ways To Sport Grid Prints Fashion Inspiration

Sixties prints are trending for fall. Our favorite comes in the form of a graphic grid print splashed in simple monochromatic hues. If minimalism is your preferred style, then these off-the-grid looks may be just what you need.

The language of fashion cuts across barriers and is instant in the age of the internet. What’s cool in Paris travels across the blue through the wire, deciphered and deconstructed by enthused youths that live and breathe fashion. On the superficial, it appears that the quest for the vanities is fueled by sheer consumerism.

However, the act of dressing to reflect and ooze a style statement can be done on an affordable budget that is based on smart spending. Proponents that stand against the fashion industry get caught in a gridlock as they lump fashion and senseless consumerism behavior together. While they do overlap, the factor that sets the two apart is a human one.

How aware is the fashion-conscious on his or her subconscious drive to jump onto the very next trend bandwagon? What are the factors that underlie and influence the consumer to feel like they stand out and matter through their latest purchase?

Is it a solely self-indulgent thing like a hobby of collecting stamps or miniature planes, a method of grasping for attention or both?

While we do not flaunt our stamp collections as we step out the door, what we choose to wear acts as a second skin. For the extra self-conscious, this can be both a blessing and a curse. A healthy balance is needed so we may enjoy the various style options available for self expression without succumbing to a life of fashion slavery.

My rant aside, below are 5 chic (yes, I say this a lot, it’s annoying, right?) ways to free your current wardrobe from utter drab with 60s-inspired grid prints:

grid print blazer and skirt

grid print kimono – H&M

grid print shirt – Forever 21

grid bodycon dress – Motel, Koshka

grid shirt – Taobao

More ways to style a grid print courtesy of POLYVORE:


| creative set designed by Najwa


| creative set designed by Jess

Talk Too Much

| creative set designed by Caitlyn

What’s your favorite grid print piece? Do you own any? If so, how do you style it? Do you have a weakness for new trends and things that it turns you into a compulsive buyer? Please share your thoughts below and let us know!

“Style is the perfection of a point of view”Richard Eberhart

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

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