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Fashionista NOW: Eye-Catching Hand Fan-Shaped Earrings To Frame Your Holiday Party Face

Eye-Catching Hand Fan-Shaped Earrings To Frame Your Holiday Party Face

Up your party game face this holiday season by framing it with these eye-catching hand fan earrings.

I remember seeing these fan-shaped earrings that came in an ear jacket form a few years ago and thought how elegant they looked. Inspired by the Oriental hand fan that you flip open to use — which is itself a pretty handy tool to carry around here in humid Malaysia — the half sphere in the shape of the fan inspires jewelry makers to incorporate it in their various creations.

Spotting another fan earring on Pinterest today had me in the mood to hunt down for variations of it to drool and swoon over before settling on a look I like best.

For those of you who find the fan shape rather appealing as I do, and are looking forward to decorate the earlobes with them this holiday season, may I present to you a compilation of TEN fan earring styles so gorgeous I wish Santa would send them all to us!



Dainty Fan Ear Jacket Stud Earrings


| LaciAndGold


Bronze Fan Charm Earrings


| ZHUaccessories


Geometric Fan Stud Earrings


| GoldieSupplies


Minimalist Fan Shape Earrings


| cindysilverstudio


Turquoise Bead Fan Earrings


| LioraBJewelry


Silver Art Deco Fan Earrings


| DesignedByAudrey


Statement Fan Dangle Earrings


| Conetira


Sterling Silver Fan Dangle Earrings


| djarisilver


Shiny Fan Hoop Earrings


| upscalehare


Turquoise Gold Fan Earrings


| beadishdelight


Which fan-shaped earrings are you a fan of (pun intended)? Share below – I’d love to know!

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