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Fashionista NOW: 5 Style Ideas To Impress A Guy On A First Date

Looking to impress with how you dress on a first date? Check out these easy style ideas.

[[This article is written by Robert Everett]]

There is an old maxim that the first impression is the last impression. The first impression means a lot when it comes to your first date. It is your utmost desire to cast the best impact on the person who is sitting in front of you. Your confidence shoots up when you know the eyes looking at you are getting inspired by your personality along with your impeccable sense of dressing. Women are concerned about how they look and make extensive efforts to attain the desired look. They check out trendy styles and visit websites to note down fashion tips which can help them look their best.

Here we are going to share some ideas that might hopefully impress your guy on the first date.


Impress Your Date With Your Personality + Your Sense Of Dressing On Your First Date


1. Dressing

The selection of your outfit is a crucial decision as it is the first thing that captivates the eyes of your date. It is a well-known fact that men judge the personality of a female basing on her fashion sense. Male clothing and male fashion have some clear and simple rules, but the compass for women’s fashion choices is all over the place and it can sometimes be confusing. Not to worry, though, as you can look fashionably even on a budget. Choosing a dress that is comfortable for you and one that never goes out of fashion is one of the easiest ways to looking good.

Skirts: A fabulous outfit that gives you a glamorous and graceful appearance. Choose an A-line skirt if you are petite or go for the asymmetrical skirt. A bell-shaped skirt gives an elegant look to women and covers wide hips. Whereas, a bustle skirt reveals your vibrant personality by giving you a classy look. Pair your skirt with a cardigan, polyester shirt or a crop top to get a fantabulous look.

Jeans: No dress can ever beat jeans in comfort and style. You must have noticed that jeans are never out of fashion and always have their place among ongoing trends. Match your jeans with a stylish blazer or a sexy top to stun your boy with your graceful personality. Bold printed pants, high waist pants, and flattering palazzos are also great clothing ideas when you want a fashionable look.

Shirts: Choose a shirt that matches well your outfit. Pick a color that compliments your complexion or your mood for the day.


2. Shoes

The sexy walk is possible with a pair of comfortable shoes. Men always notice the way a woman walks and if you don’t lose your balance while walking because of crazy tall heels, then you’re off to a good start. But then again, this is a matter of preference. Some suggestions to consider:

• Classic black pumps, neutral pumps, and pointed toe shoes are best for petite ladies.
• Flat shoes and simple sandals are ideal for tall girls.
• High calf boots and ankle booties augment the charms of your personality when paired with jeans
• Wedges and chunky heels are perfect for a casual date.


3. Jewelry

The selection of jewelry is paramount. The right jewelry with proper dressing multiplies your exquisiteness and turns every head when you walk. Do not wear heavy jewelry on the first date to avoid an overloaded look. Wear a ring and a delicate bracelet. To keep it simple, you can opt to wear statement earrings or necklace but never both at the same time unless that’s how you personally wear your jewelry.


4. Makeup & Hairstyle

Too much makeup is unnecessary. Soft makeup gives you a clean and appealing look. Pay heed to your features; avoid using too much foundation and use a light only if you have to. Natural makeup is the best choice for the daytime date. For an evening makeup, you can choose dramatic eye shadows to nail the sultry and sexy look down. If you are doing heavy eye makeup, then keep your lipstick light and vice versa but again, this is entirely up to your individual preference.

Choose a hairstyle that suits your personality and is comfortable for you. Leaving your hair loose can be a way of expressing your carefree and relaxed aura. The ponytail is a comfortable and easy hairstyle while soft curls and haircut with layers can add texture and volume to your crown. Getting ready for the first date is rather time consuming. You might need help with your college papers in order to keep on track with your studying and have some time for socializing.


5. Bags

Follow the below-mentioned tips for selecting the right bag for your body shape:

• Sling and long chain bags are ideal for ladies with curves.
• Tall girls may carry spacious and baggy bags.
• Short handle bags are perfect for pear-shaped figures.



This article is created by Robert Everett and edited by me.

Robert Everett is a freelance writer currently based in Chicago. He likes solving issues relating to students’ career and university challenges, with main interests focused in marketing and business. Follow him on his social media: Facebook | Google+

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