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Fashionista NOW: Dazzling Kebaya Ideas For Raya 2018

Dazzling Kebaya Ideas For Raya 2018

Raya outfit inspo officially begins! Time to go gaga over kebaya, girls!

Ladies, I know you’ve been waiting for it! So here it is, a must-have kebaya sets from the talented fashion designer, Syomirizwa Gupta.

The collection of kebaya for Raya 2018 from Syomirizwa Gupta is extensive and you will be drooling forever just looking at each piece. To make it easier for you, I’ve rounded up just THREE stunning kebaya sets that got my heart melting for the right reasons. Perhaps, your heart will melt too as you go through this post eyeballing at each kebaya, imagining yourself completely slaying it before they even started baking the kuih and ketupat.

Sassy kebayas will forever be a favorite amongst the sassy fashionistas and I am so glad to find how Gupta’s modern interpretations of the traditional kebaya tick all the right style boxes. You will find that there are the kebaya with a longer blouses and then the ones with short blouses.

What I’m showing you here are the ones with the short form-fitting kebaya blouses that feature the stunning elongating V-necklines. If you’re into this kebaya style, which I’m sure you are since you are already here, then let us check them out, shall we?


The Minimalist White Batik Kebaya


| shop here

I know your attention is stolen as  you stare upon this minimalist kebaya with the batik skirt. The low-key chic piece is for those who want to light up the room ever so subtly yet with unmistakable presence. The lovely kebaya blouse in white lace is the picture of perfection. The skirt in batik print has such a sweet pastel color combo that you cannot help but to just love. It is of the flared variety to off-set the form-fitting figure-accentuating kebaya top.


The Dazzling Red Kebaya


| shop here

Exclusively for dazzling fashionistas because you will be extra FIERY in this stunning designer kebaya that has feminine lace all-over. The form-fitting kebaya blouse hugs your curves and the skirt flares in the mermaid-style silhouette. The flare is a bit more extra than the usual tapered long skirt but if you love to make an entrance, then why not, right?


The Monochromatic Black And White Kebaya


| shop here

For lovers of the low-key chic monochromatic black and white fashion, it’s no surprise that you will be adding another outfit for Raya that tickles your fancy and this one is perfect for you. Even though you’ve seen all of the black and white outfit variations, you will still be awed looking at this kebaya as I did. The details just jump out at you and I just love that floral black and white in the kebaya top. The skirt is so beautiful as I’m partial to this narrow tapered skirt style with a self-tie fastening. Simply gorgeous!


So, which is your favorite kebaya to don for Raya? Share below – I’d love to know.

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