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Fashionista NOW: What Is Your Current Style Identity?

Credit | Aicha R.

What style identity do you carry at the moment? Let’s ponder on our personal style evolution and identify outfit styles you lean into at the moment with the help of these looks.

I used to wear a lot of tees and jeans combo in my twenties. And a whole load of black. The time I was in dresses was practically never. Just last year, I was inspired by Nilu from Big Hair Loud Mouth to get myself a midi dress which I did. And though I’ve written and pondered about fashion trends for like 5 years, I would say that I’ve only started getting more comfortable with my personal method of dressing only last year. And since then, I’ve gradually embraced loose trousers of the harem or jogger style variety more as my love for jeans plateaued. This can be blamed on the humid weather here, though.

As far as the color scheme of my wardrobe of late, I’ve been leaning towards a neutral palette: grey, black, white, beige and navy. I still wear my colored floral blouses and some patterned tops but for the most part, my style identity at present is most at ease with neutral minimal looks that are the easiest to wear. I am also warming up to the sporty looks more than I’ve ever cared for my entire life.

Enough about me; What about you? Did you witness your own style evolution over the years? What’s your current style identity? Check out the looks below to find which resonates with your mode of dressing.


Black + White Monotone

| Crystii Lin


Eclectic Print Mix

| Gigi M.


Colorblocker Forever

| Louisa Moje


Grey All Day Everyday

| Rachel Oliver


All Black Swag

| Lea B.


Sugar Candy Pastel Queen

| Airica Moe


Sporty Babe

| Gumii


Floral Gal

| Miu Pham


Oversized Appeal

| Sophie Traverse


Dress Obsessed

| Ksenia Rain


Which look (or a combination of looks) reflects your sense of style the best? Share below – I’d love to know!

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”Maya Angelou

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