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Fashionista NOW: Mend Your Broken Heart This V-Day In Shades Of Blue Dresses

Mend Your Broken Heart This V-Day In Shades Of Blue Dresses

Dresses in shades of blue to wear this Valentine’s to heal your broken heart.

Valentine’s Day can conjure the best or the worst in some people.

Some are indifferent, others wrinkle up their noses and some are excited to be celebrating the love they feel for their romantic partners, furry companions, friends and family member(s) and even use it an excuse to simply be extra loving to everyone on the day. Aside from the romantic side of V-day, I also think it’s the perfect time for us ladies to be out on the town in our best dresses and share the love we have for each other.

If you have a friend who is healing from a heartbreak, gently coax her to a cozy dinner somewhere to take her mind off of the blues and show her that you will always be there for her. The reason why I decided to pick out Blue Valentine as the theme for this post is that aside from the fiery red, which is the color for passion, there is a more low-key, soul-soothing alternative, one can find in blue.

Blue shades relate to serenity, calmness, trust and spirituality – just what some of us need to dispel or shake off the feelings of heartbreak.

So, break out of the so-called lovey-dovey colors and wear a shade of blue you like instead!

Here’s a list of 7 blue dresses you and your friends can wear for V-day:


Blue Buckle Dress


| shop it here


Minimal Fitted Dress


| shop it here


Navy Asymmetric Dress


| shop it here


Navy Embossed Dress


| shop it here


Neck Wrap Midi Dress


| shop it here


Relaxed Shift Dress


| shop it here


Sleeveless Sport Dress


| shop it here


Which of these dresses appeal to you the most? Share below – I want to know.

Yes, the heart breaks. But, it also heals.Yasmin Mogahed

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