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Home » FASHIONISTA NOW » Fashionista NOW: 5 Breezy Kimono Cardigan Styles To Wear For A Minimal Boho Flair

Fashionista NOW: 5 Breezy Kimono Cardigan Styles To Wear For A Minimal Boho Flair

5 Breezy Kimono Cardigan Styles To Wear For A Minimal Boho Flair

A layering staple you need this summer: Kimono cardis!

Boho-inspired, Japanese-hailed kimono cardigan or cover-ups are a fantastic summer outerwear staple. They’re great for when you’re lounging by the beach or pool when you want a bit of coverage while soaking up the sun. Also, they make awesome layering partner to your casual wardrobe that gets repeated.

Anytime you’re in your old tank and shorts/denim/jogger pants and have no energy to change into something else before stepping out, throw on a flowy kimono cardi with prints, sweet lace embroidery or even pom pom trims and you’ll feel like you’re acing the style game.

To help you ladies complete your summer-ready pieces this season, here’s a list of what I would say WEARABLE kimono outerwear that can be your go-to all year long.


Kimono Cardi / Cover-Up Styles That Will Layer Seamlessly Over Your Bikini / Casual Outfit


Crochet Lace Embroidered Kimono Cardigan


| TinShowroom


Boho Mint Paisley Kimono Cardigan


| Lotusandlunashop


Chiffon Lace Fringe Boho Kimono


| Phraseologyla


Cream Lace Embroidered Kimono Cardigan


| PinkArrowsBoutique


Pom Pom Trim Tribal Sheer Kimono Cardi


| TinShowroom


Which kimono caught your eyeballs? Share below – I sure wanna know!

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