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Fashionista NOW: Blazer Up The Street Style Way Fashion-Loving Girls Do It

How to blazer up the street style way, style pointers courtesy of the blazer-loving fashionistas.

It’s often the case that a blazer personally feels stuffy and the businessy outerwear is far from a go-to for a work-from-home content writer like me but thanks to the mixing of a casual street-style garb + a blazer top off, I’m kind of digging the look!

If you don’t already know, I am quite a fan of mixing contrasting opposite vibes: feminine + masculine, slouch + structure, etc. In the case of wearing a blazer over a much relaxed outfit, the marriage between business boss lady + I’m-just-out-for-errand-running is truly a golden combo and I love it.

That said, if you’re finding it hard to wear a blazer in a way that oozes a certain casual street style vibe, I believe, you know where to look by now.

Scroll on down for a few style pointers from these fashionable blazer-wearing lookbookers who know a thing or two on how to kick the boring out of the style box.

Never A Boring Blazer Look If You Style It Like Them:

| Elsa Gervasi

| Andreea Birsan

| Valentina Rios

| Ingrid Siadari

| Joanna B.

| Joyce Chang

Which look is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

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