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New Bag Styles & Gardening Tools For Quarantine Season 2020

Cute bags & Gardening tools for quarantine season

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It’s quarantine season peeps but you can still gape at cute bags whilst planning what to get to make use of the patch of green or space you have for vegetable propagation. 

Since the pandemic unfolded and is continuously unfolding, I’ve kind of developed an appreciation for gardening.

I mean, where else do you go to spend time without having a bunch of people in some proximity while in the house these days, right? At the same time, it’s a way to be close to nature to see up-close and personal, how the greens grow.

For now, I’m excited to see my first winged bean plant grow! Details on my Instagram, if you’re interested in that. So, what do you do to break away from the monotony of the screen this pandemic? My simple suggestion: garden away girls, boys, ladies and gents! A little space is all you need. Start with a small pot. See where it takes you.

Before we look the 3 things that every newbie gardener must consider to grow and polish their green thumb, let me tease you kawaii bag girls with something adorable.

Let’s go. Scroll away!

3 Kawaii bag styles to consider while quarantining...

Mini Backpack Shoulder Bag

Mini Backpack Shoulder Bag

This little backpack-like bag is just the cutest and packs quite the necessary essentials when you need to go for a quick essential grocery shopping to stock up for the week. It's also stylish. Elevate your quarantine outfit with just a change in bag but never forget your mask!

New Bag Styles & Gardening Tools For Quarantine Season 2020

Vertical Braided Boho Bag

Earthy chic and textured, this tassel beauty goes with every outfit. From the most basic to a little dressed up, this low-key bag will easily match up. I love the braided details. What about you?

Kawaii Stitched Crossbody Bag

Kawaii Stitched Crossbody Bag

I love leaves. And this bag has some pretty cute leaves stitched on the front cover with the word "fashion" embellished on it. Nothing's more kawaii fashion than this, I think. Would you carry this bag style?

Now let's look at some gardening essentials so we can learn to grow some potatoes and basic greens like spring onions or holy basil...

Stackable Planter Pots

Stackable Planter Pots

These pots can be stacked up vertically or arranged flat. You can start organizing your green space during quarantine with your favorite flowers, cactus and of course, vegetables! Strawberries, herbs and peppers are some examples that this planter is made for.

Garden Pot Drip Device

Garden Pot Drip Device

How cute is this gardening drip device. Little birds with opened beaks, ready for some hydration. This can be used for both water and fertilizer nourishment for your plants while you are away. They're so adorable, they count as a pot decoration too!

Root Vege Grow Bag

I love all kinds of potatoes. And that seems to be the case with a lot of people. Why not grow them in a planter bag that makes it easy for you to harvest your root vegetables. Made of breathable non-woven fabric and comes in 3 sizes: 18L, 26L and 38L.

So, what do you think? Does any of the gardening essentials make you squeal in glee? Are you stuck at the bag section still? Which items in this post appeal to you the most? Share below – I’d love to know!



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