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Fashionista NOW: The Asymmetrical Ruffle Midi Skirt Fashion Trend

Skirt hemlines can magically transform the vibe of your OOTD. Find out why you ought to be wearing midi skirts with uneven ruffles today.

With skirts, I often lean into the midi length variety as somehow it feels rather ladylike. But then again, it also is due to the relationship I have with my knees, somehow I waver between wanting to hide or flaunt them depending on my mental state but of late, I have been practicing accepting my body shape as it is instead of focusing on imaginary body troubles when they’re clearly a symptom of a self-image insecurity.

My mother has skinny knees and my petite sister has them too but my knees are fleshy. They are fully functional. So, this year will be the year, I quit being unkind to my knees and start letting them have their time in the sun.

Rant about my knees aside, I’ve taken a liking over the asymmetrical ruffle skirt trend that’s kind of mermaid-like in construction that style bloggers have been caught wearing on and off. Somehow, the midi skirt appearance remains glued in my mind and I’d like to comment a bit about it.

For those who prefer the midi skirt style for its charming retro appeal, then there’s something to be appreciated in this ruffle skirt design. Cut in a jagged, or zigzag edge with the front or side bit in a shorter hem as ruffles adorn the edge or front of the skirt asymmetrically, this is a midi skirt to wear for those wanting an unexpected volume about the knee area.

Throwing away the focus from your body, the midi ruffle skirt becomes the visual attention of your ensemble. With voluminous skirts like this, it’s best to keep the top fitted and waist cinched, so the small of your waist is highlighted.

If you’re into midi skirts with a mermaid style look that’s rebellious, then be sure to eyeball the looks below so you can quickly get a visual idea of how the skirt could translate on yourself before committing. Enjoy!

Which uneven ruffle midi skirt and look are your favorites? Share below – I’d love to know!

“Simplicity is the shortest distance between two points.”Bruce Lee

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