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Fashionista NOW: Are You Hardcore Enough For Extremely Ripped Jeans?

When your legs feel like wearing shorts but you’re also in the mood for pants; wear EXTREMELY ripped jeans.

Extremely ripped jeans have been cropping up since the end of last year and try as I might to warm up to the uber destroyed denim look, I find that the less peek-a-boo more see-through-the-gaping-hole design a little bit too much for what I’m used to expecting when it comes to slipping my legs into jeans that are meant to be pants.

It’s like waking up one day feeling like you’re in the mood for shorts but the back part of your legs are under the weather, you want them covered up but the front part of your legs could use a bit of a breeze — and you’re left with a conundrum. I will be honest and say that I don’t wear ripped jeans of any kind, preferring the intact clean cut look of high waist mom jeans and the bootcut variety.

I do however find that some ripped jeans are kind of cool-looking on others. These jeans are usually mildy tattered, with perhaps a single or double knee slash for a dash of edge. Though I’m fascinated by the extremely destroyed jeans breed worn by the young and fashionable, I’m here to report that I can’t wear them with a straight face.

And let us be really honest: Would YOU wear the extremely ripped denim, the kind with holes big enough to make wearing them unnecessarily challenging as there is that tendency to slip a leg into the wrong hole?

Anyway, my personal opinion aside, if you are into wearing supremely tattered jeans that either exposes a generous chunk of your thigh, shin or both, as always, look below for some quick fashion inspiration. Even if you find the utterly ripped denim trend far from wearable, scroll away, anyway to see how only the young can get away with wearing it!

Find Out The 7 Levels Of Ripped Jeans And Decide Which Is Yours

So, what is your verdict on this more than just ripped jeans trend? Would you wear it? Share your thoughts – I would really love to know what you think!

“The fun of getting dressed is it’s a creative experience.”Iris Apfel

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