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Fashionista NOW: The 7 Levels Of Ripped Jeans ~ Which One Is Yours?

The 7 Levels Of Ripped Jeans ~ Which One Is Yours?

Imagine this conversation: “Wow, those are some major holes in your jeans, girl. Where did you get them so holey chic? I so want to get them in my size but I don’t want to get ripped off. Care to advice?”

Way back when jeans were appreciated for the simple style and practicality they offer to the lower torso of the wearer, unsightly tears were stitched back together and no one would propose the idea of purchasing jeans with gaping holes at an eye-rolling price tag.

As fashion and tastes for the more ruggedly look of denim evolves, we are now willingly paying for artfully-made holes and rips that decorate the front of our jeans. Why only the front part, now that’s an interesting question, isn’t it? The homely look of the well-worn jeans with tears that develop over time as a result of unforeseen stumbles or natural aging process of the fabric, is now mass-produced for the fast fashion consumption of the young whose toiling is mostly done in front of the computer.

Call it the look of rebellion with a punk-esque factor or the style of a hippie-inclined, I think the majorly ripped denim trend has a more deeply simple practical reason to it, which I reflected here.

By an order of increasing levels of rips, general tatteredness and holey presence, below are 7 ripped jeans you might want to call your own. Enjoy!

Level 1: Knee Slits, Barely There


River Island | light blue ripped knee skinny jeggings


Level 2: Exposed Threads, No Literal Holes Just Yet


Mango | bleach blue cropped ripped jeans


Level 3: More Patches Of Exposed Threads With Increased Overall Tatteredness


Boyfromblighty | stone washed ripped cropped jeans


Level 4: Patches Of Exposed Threads With Rips Threatening To Form Holes


Factorie | cotton ripped boyfriend jeans


Level 5: Holes Have Formed And Exposed Threads Threaten To Form More Holes


Boyfromblighty | boyfriend style ripped jeans


Level 6: Four Real Holes Have Formed With Overall Distressed Tatteredness


Something Borrowed | distressed denim boyfriend jeans


Level 7: 2 Major Gaping Holes Exposing Thigh, Knee And Shin


River Island | light wash ripped boyfriend jeans


To be honest, I never thought much about the new trend in ripped jeans but ever since falling in love with Ed Sheeran’s hypnotizing song Photograph, I kind of like the sound of ‘ripped jeans’ rolling off my tongue. Is it just me?

How hardcore are you when it comes to sporting ripped jeans? Do you go for the tattered-but-not-holey kind of jeans or the literally ripped, destroyed with gaping holes type of denim? Share below – I really do want to know!

“I’m essentially a jeans girl, and I dress them up or down with accessories. For me, it’s ultimately about a great pair of shoes.”Jessalyn Gilsig

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