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Fashionista NOW: 8 Gift Ideas For The Walking Dead Zombie Fanatics In Your Life

Have a loved one in your life who is a massive fan of The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead plus all of the zombie-related films in existence who is forever spinning scenarios of how a zombie apocalypse would take place and bore you with the details of how she or he would brilliantly survive?

Here is a gift list to help you satiate the hunger of the zombie-adoring person that will have them shut up and hopefully squealed for a few moments so you can take a breather.


Zombie Necktie


| CreationsBySBDesigns

Gift this tie to a beloved member of your squad who likes to say that he feels like a zombie at the office. This tie will be the perfect antidote to the zombie feelings because the sight of it will sure to get a rise out of the boss and fellow colleagues.


Wall Mount Zombie Hand


| DeathGrips

Nothing beats the feeling like when you’re grabbing a jacket and a scary decaying hand greets you instead. This zombie hand wall mount can be your favorite hanger to hang stuff (or better yet, as a horrifying wall décor) or act as a pretty awesome guitar holder. The zombie hand hanger can also hold hats, robes, jewelry, keys and even curtains.


Zombie Head Brooch


| PennyBirchWilliams

Feel like injecting a dose of zombie into your wardrobe to wear for every day? This droopy-eyed hungry-for-brains zombie brooch is ready to be pinned onto clothing, hat or bag.


Zombie Apocalypse Coffee Mug


| WaterStreetDesign

The zombies on this mug is made to look minimally gross with brains you can mistake for some kind of flower arrangement so that you’re still tempted to drink that caffeine-laced beverage without feeling like barfing.


Terrifying Zombie Fabric


| CutiePieCraftSupply

This 100% cotton fabric is what a zombie fan who has a creative bone in his/her body needs as it can be used for making quilts, bags, coin pouches and even baby blankets, I’m guessing only for hardcore zombie-loving babies that squeal at the sight of Glen *spoiler alert* coming from under the dumpster.


Antique Brass Zombie Charms


| LythaStudios

Are you or someone you love is obsessed with the signature zombie swag? Get a set of four of these starving zombie charms as they can absolutely be made into bracelets, necklaces and keychains.


Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide Journal


| Graphecx

Here’s a blank survival guide journal to be gifted to someone who is totally nuts about zombies and is always talking about them, sketching them and even fantasizing about a world overtaken by the living dead. The journal cover can be personalized because #ETSY so be sure to bug the seller.


Zombie Repellent Soap


| saplingnaturals

These soap bars guarantee to repulse zombies from having a good gobble of your delicious human meat. Why not buy these in a set of six or more to share with your loved ones so they too are spared from becoming dinner for the zombie squad, in your fictional world?

“One should die proudly when it is no longer possible to live proudly.”Friedrich Nietzsche

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