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Fashionista NOW: 7 Ways To Wear Small Polka Dots Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Ingrid Hrovat

Polka dots may scare some people, especially those with intense trypophobia. This post is for those who can take a little sprinkle of dots in their wardrobe, and to show that tiny polka dots can be your trusty neutral print staple.

As far as polka dots go, I am biased to the small print variety. Any polka dot motif that can be spotted from afar is generally a style I distance myself from as I find them too dramatic and can take attention away from the rest of an outfit. But, of course, this is just my current personal taste which can and will change overtime, but for now, let’s just say: the tinier the dots, the better.

While lurking around my favorite spot to unearth rare gems of savvy street fashionistas from across the globes, I immediately succumb to an instant fascination for Ingrid Hrovat’s look. It could be due to that bold red pout, the way her hair effortlessly falls about her face or that dreamy look she wears so well. I can positively say that it is a combination of all that and more.

Ingrid’s dotted dress in particular has my heart in palpitations. The high neck, short sleeves and a fit and flare silhouette with a midi hemline all add to a dress style I love. The Slovenian 17-year-old keeps a thought-provoking blog and her latest entry about cleaning and leaving the closet once an for all really touched me. I do urge you to give her blog a visit if you haven’t already.

Back to the dotted subject, below are more ways you can be so SPOT ON in your wardrobe department this season by wearing small and neutral polka dots.

What kind of polka dots style do you gravitate to? Do you go all out or keep it neutral like in the looks above? Share below – I love reading your thoughts!

“Man’s life is like a drop of dew on a leaf.”Slovenian Proverb

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