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Fashionista NOW: 7 Ways To Modern Up The 70s Style Fringe Jackets

A fringe jacket can totally remedy our most boring looks so why don’t we all give it a go, shall we?

If you’re thinking of sprucing your wardrobe with 70s fashion elements aside from the statement flared pants and suede skirts, give fringe jackets a run in your closet. The fringe part may be chosen according to your taste and unique individual fashion flavor. I don’t mind fringe decorating the back and the edge along the underside of the sleeves as long as the length isn’t too exaggerated. But this style choice is yours to make.

While I am not nuts about fringe, I do have a lone sleeveless black top with thin fringe along the hem that I’ve worn a couple of times with my harem pants. Other than that, I might be in love with cozy fringe style boots but the weather isn’t that great for wearing boots right now as I’m such a genius shopper, I’ll push that to the back of my shop-later-alligator list. Shopping smartly is chic, don’t you know?

Anyway, ladies – there are just too many reasons to be sporting a fringe jacket right now as the weather kicks it down a notch with the Autumn/monsoon breeze. It is especially a delightful jacket to own if you’re into layering with pieces that are going to add something extra into your outfit, which in the case of a fringe outerwear – movement and texture.

Whether you opt for neutral colored jackets of black, brown, beige or off-white color palettes or go brilliantly colorful with Autumn-ready hues like deep purple, forest green or marsala, a jacket with fringe will be bring just the right statement that you can wear over a plain midi dress or a sleek top and a high-waisted trouser combo.

As always, scroll below to absorb all the delicious tidbits of clever outfit styling featuring the fringe jacket. Enjoy!

Fun fact about me: I keep writing about these so-called fun facts about me that I’m sure isn’t that fun to anyone else but me. I’ll keep it short this time: I am a worry-wart and an empath who is too sensitive for my own health.

Now back to you: Which of the looks is your favorite? What kind of fringe jacket do you go for? Delight me with your thoughts below!

I know worrying works, because none of the stuff I worried about ever happened. Will Rogers

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