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Fashionista NOW: 7 Modern Chic Diwali Party Dress Style Ideas

7 Modern Chic Diwali Party Dress Style Ideas

A post dedicated to those who are looking for a quick and easy MODERN party dress style ideas for a late Diwali bash where wearing saris, dhotis or lehengas isn’t obligatory. And my thoughts on the sense of identity we attach to our modes of dressing.

My only go-to hairstyle in high-school was a short bob I religiously sported and I never once tried any different hairstyle, afraid of being put on a spot or made fun of. As I entered early adulthood, the combo of tee and jeans was what I wore that I practically lived and breathed in them. All through this growing-up phases, I realized that I equated my sense of identity strongly with what I wore. Breaking out of the dressing routine for a formal event or presentation in blouses and skirts made me feel a little strange under my skin as I never was inclined to wear them in other situations.

Ever since immersing myself with the business of fashion-trend spotting and with age and experience, comes wisdom, as they like to say, I started to expand my dressing boundary because at the end of the day, no matter what I wear, it is still the same person that resides within. I acknowledge the power in having the space to express a certain side of my personality when clad either in a flowy lace midi dress or in a crop top and high-waisted harem pants.

As I become more comfortable with being my own person, warts and all, though not all the time, I find that I can dress a bit ladylike one day and the next, completely boyish, without feeling awkward. This aspect to dressing feels to me like shedding a persona of oneself with another while still retaining a prevailing sense of identity that isn’t wedded to the exterior.

If you’d ask me to don a dress just for fun 4 years back, I wouldn’t do it because back then, I thought of my identity as someone who did not wear dresses even just for the heck of it.

Anyway, tell me how was your Diwali, if you celebrated? Got a party to attend in the upcoming weekend and don’t know what to wear? Well, I have a few quick, simple and modern Diwali dress styles I’d love to wear myself and that you might be interested in wearing!

Here they are:

The Sparkle And Glitter One


ZALORA | antique gold fit and flare dress

This little dress has a pretty silhouette that will flatter most figure types. If you love all thing glittery, then you will surely sparkle all night in this one!



Something Borrowed | long sleeve black minimal dress

LBDs are just everything and if you’re going to have a bit of a Diwali bash, but don’t feel like donning a traditional attire, this long sleeve dress will make sure that your look is understated and completely modern.

The Sporty Lady


Something Borrowed | long sleeve grey zipper dress

Love the sporty look? Inject a touch of athleisure into your Diwali party garb by wearing a zippered grey dress and if the boots feel too casual, pop on some strappy heels. If you can get away with sneakers, then why not?

The Always-In-Pink


ZALORA | magenta pink dress

I know some of you are so into pink that there’s no way you’ll be partying in another color. This dress has that charming fit and flare cut you just can’t say not to! Dress it up with slinky heels or dress it down with some sandals, the choice is all yours.

The Lady in Red Lace


Poppi | red penny lace dress

Here’s a red little frock with a lacy statement. You can wear it with peep-toe pump, strappy pointy heel and just a fleshy toned heel for an instant vertical elongation.

The Retro Soul Sister


Bluesky Love | retro checkered pencil dress with belt

This dress is just a keeper if you like dressing retro. With a figure-hugging cut, square neck, belted waist and the checkered print in shades of tangerine, here’s a frock that will jumpstart any conversation.

The Cape Dame


ZALORA | white cape sleeve woven dress

Lovers of all things that come in capes or dressed as superheroes or villains, this little white dress is a fun pick for your Diwali party wardrobe. It’s supremely minimal but those sleeves are enough to ease a little drama in your getup.

Would you wear any of the dresses here to a modern Diwali party or do I just suck at picking out cute party dress ideas?

Fun about me: I don’t like parties. Hah.

“Fashion is something that you can attach to yourself, put on, and through that interaction, the meaning of it is born.”Rei Kawakubo

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