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Fashionista NOW: 10 Influential Indian Personal Style Bloggers To Follow Today

Happy Diwali 2015, everyone! Here are TEN influential Indian fashion and style bloggers to follow for your daily dose of inspiration in the boundless world of dress-up and makeup.

In conjunction with the Diwali 2015 celebration, also known as the Festival of Lights, I present to you a list TEN influential Indian personal style bloggers who are on Lookbook to follow for oodles of fashion and style inspiration, beauty secrets and words of wisdom.

Starting this piece with the ever versatile and most lovely, Nilu Yuleena Thapa who remains a favorite of mine, I highly recommend her as your go-to gal for all things bright, bold and fancy. Nilu is a chameleon when it comes to dressing up – from edgy, boyish and casual to the most ladylike of ensembles, she is the queen of details and you can best be sure that aspects of dressing such as jewelry and the seemingly little accessories are never ever left to chance. She also showcases Indian fusion wear on her blog that I have come to follow consistently.

Jumping down to the rest of the Indian fashionistas below, I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it!

? | Archita Banerjee

The young doe-eyed Archita’s who is a Bangalore-based fashion stylist has a penchant for casual and wearable pieces which is expressed through her outfits. She believes the element that makes a wardrobe work lies in the keywords: Mix and match. On her latest post, she talks of filters in pictures shared on social media and how our lives are essentially intertwined with filters in the form of emotions.

? | Neha Gandhi

Neha Gandhi loves playing dress up so much her blog is called Love Playing Dressup. Based in Boston, the Bombay-born-and-bred corporate lady has taken her love for style and writing into the digital world which you can ferociously follow on her blog. Her style is a combination of casual chic and a lot of times, fun and girly. If you love skirts and dresses and lots of smiles, Neha is your fashion and style guru.

? | Ruchika Das

Another Indian fashionista that caught my eye is Ruchika Das. Much like the fashion-obsessed breed, her love for beauty and travel is rather strong. She loves her skirts and dresses and keeps a varied shoe collection with the one I can’t ever say no to ever, comes in the form of Clarks flats. She is another casual style blogger to keep in your radar if dressing casual and comfy is an absolute must in your world.

? | Ms Coco Queen

A self-professed queen, Miss Coco Queen is a Delhi-based fashion blogger and stylist. Her latest outfit entry on LB is an amalgamation of the east and west where she incorporates the saree and denim together. On her blog, you will find that her style carries an explosion of color and print and also of the more monotonic looks that will keep your hunger for fresh looks of every interpretation satiated.

? | Ritu Arya

Ritu Arya has been in the fashion radar for her style is one so easily emulated by the young grungy breed. A Design graduate from Bangalore, Ritu keeps her thoughts raw and achingly real on her blog. Her style is often times dark but young and fun, quirky but with a bit of moody aura thrown in. Aside from fashion, she is musically-inclined as she is one of the two co-founders of Drum and Base India. A little warning: her blog is addictive!

? | Ragini R.

For those who are looking for diversity in fashion and complain how it is utterly lacking, I cast your attention to the magnetically fashion-wise Ragini R. She and I apparently have a love for brogues and I confess: I cannot get over the dreamy poses she makes. They are so effortless. She makes me think of a time long past, likely in the era of Audrey Hepburn’s. Not only is she fashion fluent but trust, her words shall take you to places.

? | Surbhi Suri

Surbhi’s eclectic sense of style is plain apparent as you go through her outfit entries. She is fearless and often, out of the box. If you approach wardrobe-styling with a larger-than-life predilection and believe the world is literally a fashion runway, then you must get acquainted with this vibrant lass. She has mad love for ramen noodles, cannot leave home without a neckpiece and owns a massive hair accessory collection that she shares on her blog.

? | Pooja Mittal

Next up is Pooja Mittal. She’s excited for Diwali and her latest Indian fusion outfit is the very first thing of hers that caught my eye. A self-confessed makeup and fashion addict, Pooja believes in living life king size (quoted from her bio) and that to me, is simply inspiring! Often clad in skirts and dresses, the long-haired Pooja is a double post graduate.

? | Rhea Gupte

Last but certainly not the least, is Rhea Gupte who is a mighty influencer in the Indian blogger fashion sphere and her reach extends globally. The vision-oriented Rhea does a whole lot of conceptual outfit posts that will have your eyeballs swimming in utter delight. I can’t step into her (blog) space without being moved either by her haunting fashion imagery or her biting insights and perspectives into the world of fashion but usually both.


Are there other Indian style bloggers that you follow obsessively? Be sure to share them below – we would all love to know!

“A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.”Maya Angelou

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