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Fashionista NOW: 7 Long Sleeve Floral Mini Dresses For CNY 2015 Fashion Inspiration


Are you looking for pretty long sleeved floral short dresses to don this lunar new year? Check out our shopable picks featuring 7 pretty little floral dresses with long sleeves.

Eyeball these 7 pretty casual chic floral party dresses and shop them if you like:


floral pleated dress with sash

Available in ivory or black. Sash to tie at the waist so you can keep your curve defined. A relaxed silhouette that is kind to all body shapes. The high neckline is a favorite of mine as it keeps the vertical line undisturbed thus offering an elongating effect.


lace collar floral minidress

Available in green or orange. What I like about this dress is again the collar that sits high and is made up of lace embroidery. The relaxed shape of this dress is held at the waistline by pretty gathers and if you look closely at the shoulder area, you’ll notice that it has a slight poof again made possible by some mild gathers.


mandarin collar floral shirt dress

Available in blue or green, this relaxed shirt dress that has a mandarin collar that I really like. The easy fit silhouette makes it a great choice for summer dressing.


mint floral shirred minidress

Here’s another pretty floral dress that is easy on the eye and the body. Rendered in red floral motif over a background of fresh mint green, this round neck dress can be worn as a tunic or layered with tights should the weather be chilly. I like the gathers at the waistline as they make the dress even more charming.

Before purchasing, make sure to note that the sleeve narrows into a ruffled cuff.


mint green floral shirt dress

Here’s another charming mint green floral shirt dress that is oh so pretty. To bring some definition to your waist, you may put on a skinny belt in an earthy shade. Again, the long sleeves and short collar make this a winner in my book as these elements evokes a nostalgic effortlessness that is seen on retro dresses.


tie front floral dress

A short dress splashed in blue and white floral print can be all you need to look good this lunar new year when you’re out on a casual hangout with friends and family. The gathers at the waist of this dress help hold the waist definition without being too obvious camouflaged by the print. The sleeves are long but do not reach the wrist.


tie front floral minidress

If you love the shape of babydoll dresses, you will love this one. The empire-waistline makes sure that you can feast without worrying about a protruding happy belly pushing against the dress. I’m also loving the soft gathers throughout the skirt and the sweet easy neckline.

What do you think of these long sleeve floral dresses? Do you like any of them? Share your thoughts below!

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2 comments to Fashionista NOW: 7 Long Sleeve Floral Mini Dresses For CNY 2015 Fashion Inspiration

  • Every time I start thinking about a trend you start writing about it. Are you a mind reader or something? :D Even though I’ve been leaning towards the more minimal side of fashion lately, I can definitely see myself wearing floral prints from spring onwards. And since I have rather “strong” arms, I always welcome the opportunity to cover them up with long sleeves ;)

    Jasmin xx

    • Aww, I wish I can read minds but that would be overwhelming, I think, haha. One of my readers was looking for dresses with at least three-quarter sleeves so I thought why don’t I feature this particular dress style and I’m really glad you liked it, Jasmin! Especially now that it must be really cold where you are, I’m certain dresses with sleeves are obligatory! =D xx

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