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Fashionista NOW: 7 Evil Eye Deflecting Hamsa Hand Jewelry Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Karina Malina

Find out more about the fascinating hamsa symbol and the selection of jewelry featuring the ancient amulet that you might just like!

The hamsa has a significant symbolic meaning having to do with protecting the wearer from ill and envious intentions. When celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie started wearing the hand-shaped jewelry, fans took notice and the symbolic amulets became popular in the contemporary time.

I’ve only noticed the jewelry trend late last year (when it had been on the scene from way back in 2011, at least) and thought it looked pretty cool in a mysterious, magical sort of way.

The hand-shaped amulet has deep connections with the two major Abrahamic faiths that wearing it for the sake of blind trend-following can be a tad superficial. Although I am not a follower of these faiths, I think it’s important that we learn a little about the history behind it. The fashion fraternity is a light-hearted crowd who will gather on anything and everything that’s momentarily cool, but we must not miss on the opportunity to learn a bit of the history of hamsa.

A few facts on the hamsa to follow right after the jump plus a selection of handmade hamsa jewelry that you might just go utterly mad for:



antique hamsa stacking rings by TinyBox12 ← SHOP HERE

The hamsa hand is referred to as the hamesh hand amongst Jewish community. Hamsa is an Arabic term that means five. Other symbols like the eye may be included with the hand-shaped amulet.


bronze hamsa choker necklace by nikajewellerybox ← SHOP HERE

The belief that certain symbols have the power to protect and heal goes way back in time. Even though, it is held in high regards within the Islamic/Jewish community, the amulet traces back to the Phoenicians where it was used as a protective symbol for an ancient Middle Eastern Goddess. The hamsa amulet is believed to be one of the most effective evil eye charms.


delicate gold hamsa necklace by lavenders ← SHOP HERE

The hamsa can be worn either facing up or down. The downward facing hamsa is perceived to signify the goodness and blessings coming down to the wearer. When it is worn facing up, the hamsa symbolizes a stop sign to the envious or evil eye.


gold hamsa charm bracelet by JulJewelry ← SHOP HERE

However you wear it, it is essentially a protective amulet thought to shield from negative energies and spirits.


hamsa gold pearl bracelet by STarLighTstudiO3 ← SHOP HERE

I’m far from superstitious but there is something about the hamsa that enchants me when I first spotted it. Knowing that it is associated with goodness makes it even more appealing.


hamsa silk wrap om jewelry by BohemianEarthDesigns ← SHOP HERE

The Muslim community refers to it as Hand of Fatima and the Jewish community calls it Hand of Miriam. Whatever you call it, the fact that it is intertwined with the female entity is not lost and makes me even more smitten with it.


sterling silver hamsa pendant necklace by truche ← SHOP HERE

The most popular hamsa is the stylized hand bearing two symmetrical thumbs, though there are versions that feature a hand that is not symmetrical or shaped like actual hands.

Do you wear any hamsa jewelry? What about the hamsa that appeals to you? Drop your thoughts below – I do enjoy reading them!

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”Albert Einstein

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