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Fashionista NOW: 7 Chic Ways To Wear Flared Jeans Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Nikita Wong

Flared jeans are making an official comeback this year after brewing in the back scene of denim trends since the last summer. The casual chic denim piece encapsulates the seventies style and if one were to have the best of both worlds in terms of fit and flare, this is a trouser style to be on the lookout for.

We forget sometimes that the way we choose to dress reflects an inclination for a certain silhouette style. And this rests on the weather outlook. Bell bottoms with the high waist and fitted shape that extends until the knee before it flares out are connected to a vibe of a carefree hippie or a bohemian sense of style. The flared style of trousers that is foreseen to be huge this year capitalizes on this underlying free-spiritedness.

While crisp chilly days inspire us to wear a more figure-enveloping style of garment to insulate the body against the elements, our wardrobe takes on a shape that is body-freeing in a form of a floaty dress, palazzo pants and airy culottes now the rainy phase has moved into a windy and sunny weather temperament. Anything that has less fit and more movement, is much appreciated.

This flared denim trend is one of those relaxed shape that is proven elongating to the torso when paired with a blouse that is worn tucked in or a if the midriff area must be flaunted, a crop top. Of course, it helps tons if you are in the possession of long and lean legs. One of my favorite actress, Emma Stone was just recently spotted wearing a pair of ground-grazing flares and while she looked good in them — I’m a little miffed with the fact that the denim had made contact with the asphalt.

To help you get it right when wearing a pair of flares, as always, scroll away below:

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What do you think of this returning denim trend from the 70s? Are you swayed to get a pair of comfy flared jeans this year? When was the last time you wore flared denim jeans and what did you pair it with? Share below – I love reading your thoughts!

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4 comments to Fashionista NOW: 7 Chic Ways To Wear Flared Jeans Fashion Inspiration

  • You always have your finger on the pulse of time! Flared jeans have started to creep up on us in summer (Nikita’s look was one of the first ones I admired), but have become a real sensation lately, haven’t they? I see them everywhere atm…I used to be completely obsessed with flared jeans in my early teens. The only difficulty is the length…When flared jeans just about touch the ground (and cover the shoes), they produce the longest legs. If they are too long, it’s a catastrophe. Haha…

    Jasmin xx

    • You have nailed it right on the flare-jeans-dilemma; too long – they’ll be sweeping the floor and who likes that, right? If they hang awkwardly above the ankle, that is just plain weird. (LOL!) Always a pleasure to read up your thoughts, Jasmin! Thank you for brightening up this space with your lovely comments, they do make my day <3 =D xx

  • I’ve wanted to get my hands on these denims for sometime and have finally ordered them online! Thank you for the inspiration! It has certainly inspired me on how to go about styling them when I receive them :)

    Kisses from India!


    Nilu Yuleena

    BIG hair LOUD mouth

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