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4 Top Style Trends Predicted To Spice Up Men’s Fashion Scene in 2019

4 Top Style Trends Predicted To Spice Up Men’s Fashion Scene in 2019

Credit // Samuel Oh

A look at FOUR major trends that men will fall in love with this year.

Time has brought us all into 2019 and with the new year, as always, the fashion bracket begins to immerse themselves with new fashion and style trends or more accurately, modern takes of classic trends.

The fashion scene shows no sign of letting up and for the fashion-savvy types, it’s definitely a great time to be alive. As summer is about to pave its way and warm cozy clothes are being put back in the wardrobe, it’s natural for the fashion enthusiast in you to be on the look out for fresh and exciting clothing to update your present season wardrobe with.

Ultimately, it is not just about fashion as dictated by the popular but that we get to experiment on own terms. There are new tends coming out in the mainstream every other day but only a few of those that make a palpable impact.

In this post, we take you through FOUR men’s fashion trends that are expected to remain quite popular this year.

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Turtleneck Suits

Credit // Kevin Elezaj

Suits remain on trend and dominate men’s fashion. The recent trend involving suits has been quite a noticeable one where it is layered over turtleneck t-shirts giving the outfit a distinguished feel. The combination gives a lean and sleek edge on the wearer and in 2019, experts predict suits with turtlenecks will prevail.


Athletic Accents

Credit // Leo Chan

Athletic outfits are really comfortable to wear for long stretches of time and sportswear can be thanked for as it is the main inspiration of the athleisure fashion trend. Athleisure outfits make for the perfect casual and comfy Insta-worthy street looks. Because it is super comfortable and practical, clothing inspired by sportswear becomes the go-to for many and remain one of the most loved styles amongst youth and other ages. More and more people regardless of gender choose to wear sneakers with a variety of outfit styles – from the most casual to the dressiest.


Vintage Checks

Credit // Dominic Grizzelle

Checks or checkered prints have been in fashion for a long time and still, they hold a universal appeal absent in other print types. The vintage checks in particular are making a comeback and had been creating interest since 2018. Being one of the evergreen styles, checks have rapidly climbed into the hearts of many fashion designers. The retro universal print is predicted to take over the fashion scene again by storm this year.


Crossbody Bags

Credit // Gorbinzshe Gorbinzshe

While 2018 saw the popular tote bags monopolizing the mainstream fashion trends, this year, it is going to get more interesting as crossbody bags take center stage. These bags are abandoning gender stereotypes as they are designed for males interested in the trend as well.

The new crossbody bags for men will at least give more bag choices to choose from. After all, it is hard to argue against their impeccable useful nature and carrying option provided by these crossbody bag styles. The best aspect lies in their small size and multiple storage sections that will keep everything well-organized.

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