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Fashionista NOW: 10 Ways To Wear Grey Dresses Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Sueann Han

A summer dress is often expected to be full of colors and prints. But what if you don’t feel like imitating a garden? Wear a grey dress instead. Need ideas on how to style them chic? Kindly proceed.

Dresses are where it’s at for the summer. An easy one-piece to slip on, they come in quite an endless array of colors, prints and silhouettes. Today, we help you turn it down a notch by going back to the basics with GREY frocks!

As a renewed interest in dresses is sparked from within me, I find myself looking at dresses very differently that I used to. In my teenage years, I’d snickered at the merest suggestion of having to put on a dress. Funny that really, as I was a wearer of short dresses before puberty got to me.

With fluctuating hormones and anatomical changes came the desire to blend in. Most of my friends or those that I saw as awesome, were all clad in some form of pants or jeans. This was the 90s, way before internet made sense in old Malaysia and we had cassettes and everybody wanted posters to go with them.

Nostagia-aside, I am officially rekindling my love affair with dresses, especially the midi ones! Find below a roundup of lookbookers in a variety of grey dress styles showing how anyone can wear a simple yet deliciously chic grey dress and appease the minimalist queen bee inside.

Jump right in, won’t you? Enjoy!

Are you hunting down the perfect grey dress right now? Shop them here!

So, what do you make of wearing grey dresses in the summer? Do you find it a gloomy pick or pretty chic? Share your thoughts – I do love reading them!

“Many women have asked me if it is possible to have a well-built wardrobe on a limited budget. ‘Money,’ I tell them, ‘is no guarantee of taste, and an overstuffed wardrobe is often as bare as a skeleton when it comes to wearable apparel.”Edith Head

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