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Fashionista NOW: 10 Ways To Wear Culottes Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Jackie Welling

I blame the tropical heat for making me wear culottes. Do you happen to suddenly find yourself in the clutches of the culottes trend and would like to learn how to make the retro trend current? Keep on reading!

If you were to ask me to don a pair of culottes 5 years ago, I’d raise my eyebrows, wrinkle my face and try not to give you a lecture on how uncool it was. Heck, rewind far back into the 90s, nobody I knew ever wanted to be caught wearing culottes, except for their mothers, maybe. While everybody else were clad in their jeans, I remember vividly that my pants were of the palazzo variety splashed in garish prints more suited for the beach but instead I wore it everywhere.

My funny non-fashion sense aside, it’s interesting to see that no matter how ephemeral fashion trends are, there is always a defining look or a silhouette that embodies the spirit of the general fashion mood within a period of time. With the association that culottes has with the early feminist movement as women’s wardrobes move beyond only skirts and dresses, I can’t help but have a new found appreciation for the garment.

And because I’m not really a skirt person, the wonderful skirt-like appearance of the culottes is just what I need right now as I slowly stretch the limits of my fashion and style horizon. Also, culottes are like bifurcated midi skirts with a hemline that is quite amazingly in right now. How can you not love them, eh?

Check out how you can dress the culottes up or down according to your wardrobe needs:

Culottes Are HOT, Say It With Me:

| Vivian Li

| Lucy M.

| Monica Awe-Etuk

| Andrea Andrea


| Megan Ng

| Helen Ma

| Kristina

| Jyotsna

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So tell us: What started your love affair with culottes? What aspect of the culottes do you like and how do you style them? Share below – I love reading your thoughts!

“This is why fashion is such a magical part of our lives, for it inspires our decisions without dictating them; it sets the theme but not the limits of our aesthetic.”Simon Van Booy

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