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Fashionista NOW: 10 Ways To Sport Tropical Palm Leaf And Tree Prints

Credit | Linda Hyh

If you can’t do florals, do leaf, of the tropical kind. Wear palm leaf and tree prints because well, green foliage is cool too.

Summer dressing is so fun to do due to the bombardment of prints and patterns one can wear. Should you be the kind of dresser who is already ready to give floral motif of any kind a rest, we hear you and readily suggest an alternative: Why not pop on something leafy and foliage-y in the form of summer’s favorite palm leaf and tree prints so you can bask in the delight of wearing something quite spot on this season that has nothing at all to do with blooms and petals, eh?

According to POPSUGAR, leafy green rompers and other leafy-themed clothing are flying off the real and virtual shelves, as though fashionistas across the globe are desperately attempting to hold onto the warmth of the sun or what’s left of it in some places where summer’s about to be over or is sadly weak by wearing motif of palm leaves and trees. My exaggerations aside, palm prints are a lovely choice for the leaf-appreciating type.

No matter where you are and if your love for the palm prints is particularly intense, there is always an excuse to wear this on-trend summer print. For a quick fashion inspiration on how to wear palm leaf/tree prints, you know what to do, scroll away to view our favorite looks:

Do you happen to want a palm leaf/tree print top or dress right this instant?

Palm Print Picks YOU Gotta Palm Quick

Which of the tropical palm print looks do you like best? Share below – I’d love to know!

“Fashion has a reason to be, because in fashion you can find new kinds of expression about human beings. It’s my way to communicate.”Ann Demeulemeester

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