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Fashionista Photographer : Expeditio Lifestyle Stylish Camera Bags


Price: RM 199 Special Promo Price

Available Colors : Black, Green

Material : Waterproof Canvas

Dimension : Length 33 CM x Height 48 CM x Width 23 CM



Orders & Enquiries

Please email us at shops.famecherry@gmail.com or call us at 012-3375629

( We are also available on Whatsapp but if urgent please make phone call ya )


































  • Raam Shanmugam

    Hello. I would like to get your latest quote for the Expedito Camera Bag. Please also let me know on the lead time and colors available.

    • Love D®.

      Hello Raam

      Welcome to our online store

      We have just sent the details to your email =)

  • Expeditio Camera Bag – Black colour available? Mind giving delivery details and latest pricing?

    • Love D®.

      Hello Meor Hizmin

      Welcome to our online store

      Please check your facebook inbox =)

  • Izzat

    Can I know is the green expeditio camera bag still available? Can I get the quotation price if it is still available?

    • Love D®.

      Yes, absolutely =)

      You’ve got mail =)

  • dannyhomar

    do you sell any second hand lens and some accesorries :

    (i) tokina lens 11-16mm price
    (ii) what is difference between visico softbox and easy fold softbox

    sorry many questions asked because i’m begginer in this field…

    • Love D®.

      Hello Danny

      Welcome to our online shop =)

      1 ) Sorry mate, we dont sell lenses

      2 ) The difference is the size. The Visico softbox mounts on studio strobes as it has bowen mount, it can fit on speedlights too if you have the multipurpose holder

      For the easyfold is primarily for speedlights

      No worries mate, you can ask how many questions you want. It is our pleasure to assist you !

  • Expeditio Camera Bag – Black colour still available? can you give all the details and the price??

    • Love D®.

      Hello Xielengchai ArRie

      Welcome to our online store

      You’ve got email and facebook message =)

  • Philip Tan

    Expeditio Camera Bag – Black colour still available? can you give all the details and the price??

    • Love D®.

      You’ve got email =)

  • i want Green… total rm??? (including pos) give me banking detail pls…

    • Love D®.

      Hello Richard

      You’ve got mail =)

      • just received mine at noon 06 March… thx :)

        • didnt know it came with a waterproof cover for the bag… great.! initially thought it was a BIG shower cap… LOL~

          • Love D®.


        • Love D®.

          Cheers mate ! Enjoy your item ! =)

  • Bob

    Hi, do you still sell expeditio bag? Do they deliver it to Singapore?

    • Love D®.

      Yes, we have stock for this bag

      Yes it can be arranged

  • My New Expeditio just arrived in my hands… ^_^

    • Love D®.

      Enjoy your item ! =)

  • Azrul Picaedo

    Hi there.
    Berapa kos tambahan if postage to Kota Kinabalu for this item?

  • Love D®.

    Hello Azrul

    You’ve got email =)


    When will the new stock be there? haha~Cant wait to get it! I wan a black one!

    • Love D®.

      In stock =)

      You’ve got mail !

  • Jason

    Hi there…can i have the total price for this including postage and all that?
    Location @ Sunway, Selangor…

    • Love D®.

      Details send to your mail !

  • HI, can i know the total price for this bag including the postage?
    I would like to have one!!My location at Klang, Selangor

    • Love D®.

      Enjoy your new bag when its arrived ! =)

  • Nazman

    hi! can i know the price including postage to Kelantan?


    • Love D®.

      Hello Nazman

      Welcome to our online store

      You’ve got email =)

  • Dans

    Interested in black colour. Still available? have ready stock? is it possible for me to self pick-up? Thanks

    • Love D®.

      Hello Dan

      Welcome to our online store

      You’ve got email =)

  • Vincent Ko

    Just wanna check if the black color bag is available and how long does it take to deliver?

    • Love D®.

      Hello Vincent

      Welcome to our online store

      Yes we have ready stock

      Deliver in 1 working day time under usual circumstances

      If you want to get it instantly you can also come COD at my place in Cheras

      You’ve got email =)

  • HI

    Where u office ? at where ?


    • Love D®.

      Hello Seng

      Welcome to our online store =)

      You’ve got email

  • i want this bag black colour.. ready stock??

  • Expedito Camera Bag..gimme latest price n tripod bag 

    • Expeditio is RM 199

      Light Stand Bag RM 40

      Where is your location ?

  • Expedito Camera Bag + light stand/tripod bag..how much?email me ASAP ya..tqvm =)

    •  Noted, please give me your email address so I can send you quotation

  • Aieizad

    so tempting la this bag..i should get this one…will contact u later….:)

    •  haha thank you so much for support bro ! =)

  • rion

    Is this bag water resistance? so tempting.. 

    •  Well, the material is canvas tho, but it has a rain coat =)

  • Faizalhuio

    need your quote for the Expedito Camera Bag include postage to sarawak. 

  • Ravi_ayla

    Hi, Do you have any shops around KL so that I physically present to buy or test yr equipments?

    • We are in Cheras =)

      Please give me your email or contact number

  • Studio5595

    hi.. i interested to buy this bag. how to buy it?

    •  Got ready stock =)

      Where is your location ?

      • Studio5595

        kuantan, pahang..

  • Mawarrputeh


  • Ray

    Expeditio Camera Bag – Black colour still available? can you give all the details and the price??

  • Davidk

    Hi Cheri, the camera bag look great, and also the len 50mm f2 also very reasonable (I need more detail) possible e-mail me.

  • Vyner

    Hi there , need to get your quotation on Expedito Camera bag .

  • Is this bag still available ?

    I’m interested in the black colored one. (^_^)

  • mars

    hi there, can i get more info on the expeditio bag and what the max size of the laptop that it can fits in the bag?
    Do you have any shop that i can visit?

  • Budktimur

    Expeditio Camera Bag – Green colour available? Mind giving delivery details and latest pricing 

  • Mohdfaraish

    Is expeditio bag still available ? Can you tell me the bag price and the postage price ?

  • Benjamin

    Hi, I’m interested in Expedito Camera Bag (black). is it still available?
    need to know the total price including postage to Kota kinabalu,Sabah also

  • Kawanu

    Alo there, I’m interested in Expedito Camera Bag. Izit still available? Or do u hav another pattern too? 

    Pls email me the total price including postage to Sabah. TQ 

  •  I am interested to buy this bag, but how??

  • nor

    how to buy it?

  • ZZ Peng

    I’m interested on the Expedito Bag…
    Hw i can buy it ?? U still have any stock for green colour ??
    email: peng_illizard@hotmail.com

  • SL

    hi, is this bag still available?

  • KK

    Hi, Can i know if i take order nw and possible get the bag by friday? thanks

    • yes can, usual delivery time is 1 working day after courier pick up ( under normal circumstances )

  • PurpleLicious

    Hye Cherry,

    I did dropped u an email this noon.

    Just wondering if the Black Expeditio camera bag is available?

    I am interested to purchase it for my hubby as Valentine’s Day :)


  • Tey Wei Jie

    Hi, I’m interested in Expedito Camera Bag (black). Do you have any of this stock left ?
    need to know the total price including postage to Johor Bahru. How long till JB

  • Kyoshiro Meiji

    hello can i know detail about expedito and size for laptop