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Fashionista NOW: Skinny Jeans in 2016 ~ Why They Are So Not Over Yet?

Credit | Emma Felin

Skinny jeans fashion trend perspective in 2016. Has the denim trend truly lost its spark? Let’s find out.

So many fashion blogs and mags have boldly declared the slow but sure death of the skinny jeans but is it really the reality? Or is it one of the fashion industry’s natural inclinations for theatrical exaggeration with a goal to promote the new and slowly hush down the familiar even if they’re still relevant?

I wrote one of my earliest pieces on this space years ago on the rise of the skinny jeans, how they were enthusiastically embraced after the boot cut jeans sizzled and they did look fab on men too. It’s giving me all the feels writing bout this calf-hugging denim trend again, pondering whether they’re officially outdated.

Judging from the way I still wear my own (even though I did detest them a year back during the extremely sunny Malaysian spell) and how street fashionistas all across the globe are still wearing theirs even as we go about our mundane lives in 2016, skinny jeans still fit right in the comfy pocket of being a staple.

Don’t get me wrong, I think with the more loose and relaxed pant fashion trend that’s on the frontline, we do have more choices at our disposal now more so than it was a decade back when everyone wanted in on the skinny jeans bandwagon. However, it doesn’t negate the relevance of the skinny jeans.

For a few years now, palazzos, harem pants, wide-legged denim, joggers and culottes have all nestled into a sweet spot within the wardrobes of contemporary fashionistas especially when the need to let the legs breath gets too real but skinny jeans too, are awesome for when you feel like showing off your physique or like the feeling of your legs hugged, usually on cold and sappy days.

To see how lookbookers are currently wearing their skin-tight jeans in 2016 and that skinny jeans are not dead, simply scroll away and enjoy!

The Skinny Jeans Trend Is Not Dead In 2016

| Manuella Lupascu

| Beatrix Rhea

| Sahomi Nakanishi

| Indiefoxx

| Lucila LC

| Martha Lozano

| Anya Prosto

| Banke B.

| Maria P.

I think of skinny jeans as a staple these days. If you don’t feel like wearing them, chuck them aside. Wear something else. No need to be a drama queen and shout: Yo! Skinny jeans are dinos, man!

What are your thoughts on skinny jeans now? Be blunt, I’d love to hear all your thoughts!

The fit of jeans can be worlds apart from brand to brand. If you can find the right fit, skinny jeans can be very flattering.Tim Gunn

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  • Skinny jeans can not go anywhere! I don’t allow it – too gorgeous and easy to style up :))

    • Heheh, you’re absolutely right, Lu. They are quite awesome to wear. I just need to get off the couch and exercise my legs a bit, hehe :D

  • Skinny jeans I feel, will never truly be out of style because they are an ever green item for everyone to own . :) http://www.bauchlefashion.com/

  • Surbhi Suri

    Just saw H&M’s new ss16, and was surprised to see skinny making way up. Its confusing but this is one trend, even I cannot let go of easily. But at the moment, I am happy with my culottes and palazzos , so not major missing happening.

    • Too true, I love my culottes as well and harem pants. The weather’s here a killer now, so skinny jeans become the last option for now at least. xx

  • Aisha

    I don’t wear jeans a lot.. I don’t like them!! But if I have to wear them I’ll choose a skinny jeans ! xx


    • That’s nice to know Aisha! I grew up wearing a lot of jeans but this year, I don’t think I’m that nuts about them either! :) xo