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Essential Studio Equipment : YongNuo RF-603 Transceiver Flash Trigger & Shutter Release


Price For One Pair : RM 130

Price Per Piece : RM 70

Strobe Sync Cable : RM 15




Orders & Enquiries : Please email us at shops.famecherry@gmail.com or call us at 012-3375629 ( We are also available on Whatsapp )






  • adam

    do you have stock?..

    • Love D®.

      Yes we do =)

  • combat

    do have stock??? if want tu COD where your location???? email me that detail…

    • Love D®.

      You’ve got email =)

  • Kenny

    YongNuo RF-603 flash trigger includes Camera Shutter Remote Release and Yong Nuo C1 Cable ? Warranty 6 mths ? Do you have shop to view the light stand ?

    • Love D®.

      Hello Kenny

      Welcome to our online store =)

      You’ve got email

  • Justin Tan

    Compatible with yongnuo 560 2?

    • Absolutely, this transceiver is compatible with the YN-560 II

      You will use it with your Nikon D7000 ?

  • Sathish

    1) Do you have stock ?
    2) Do you do COD ?
    3) I need 2 pairs.
    4) Will the same thing work for Canon and Nikon?
    5) I also need to purchase (if it doesn’t come together) the cable to connect the transceiver to a studio flash


  • Roytan0910

    do the trigger compatible with any studio light, eg sinarlite

    •  How does the trigger slot for your strobe look like ?

      I have used this trigger using sync cable with many of my strobes no problem tho

  • cheah

    is this fix to nikon d5100? why you didn’t classify it? or it is different product ?

    • Yeah can use for Nikon

      All N version can use for all Nikon

      All C version can use for all Canon

      Same product, no need classify till so complex mar, just N and C would do =)