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Studio Equipment Malaysia : Ariel Red Head Mk II 800W Continuous 3200K Halogen Sun Light


Package : RM 249 + Optional GST https://goo.gl/zwusPB ( 1 x Light Head, 1 x Halogen Bulb, 1 x Barn Door, 1 x 190cm Light Stand, 1 x Power Control Cord, 1 x Color Gel ) * Color gel is subject to availability *

Red Head Bag : RM 88 + Optional GST https://goo.gl/zwusPB * Can fit in 3 stands and 3 lights *

Normal Bulb : RM 19 Per Unit ( Average Lifespan 10 Hours )

Osram Bulb : RM 37 Per Unit ( Average Lifespan 72 Hours, Brighter, Color Better, German Technology )

This light is useful for simulating sunlight in still photography or video



Outdoor Power Source ( If You Plan To Use This Light Outdoor )

1000W Inverter For Outdoor Use : RM 449 if buy with battery ( By itself is RM 499 )

1500W Inverter For Outdoor Use : RM 549 if buy with battery ( By itself is RM 599 )

2000W Inverter For Outdoor Use : RM 649 if buy with battery ( By itself is RM 699 )

20Ah Battery For Inverter : RM 149



Power : 800W ( Hot Light )

Color Temperature : 3200K

Focus Control : Yes

Power Cord : 3 meters


Orders & Enquiries

Please email us at shops.famecherry@gmail.com or call us at 012-3375629

( We are also available on Whatsapp but if urgent please make phone call ya )









Sample Video

Studio Scene Backlight








  • Ks Phuah

    Inbox me for best price ks.phuah@gmail.com, does it come with light stand? If yes, how much in total? COD place. Thanks. 

  • Larrychew9

    Please pm me best price for this. 
    Any package for this? If I buy 2 units?
    Also, where do I COD? Or do you have a shop I can go to?
    Let me know. 
    Thanks in advance.


  • Leven_ho

    can i want to know that the advantage of 
    Cyclops 800W Continuous 3200K Halogen Sunlight and will it better than Illuminator 5500K Continuous Lighting System?

  • Nuraha77

    can i know which one is better for group photography, the cyclops 800w or illuminator 5500k? this is for school photography. and do we need 2 cyclops 800w or just one?

    •  The Cyclops is mainly for highlight or making artificial sunlight

      Imho the Illuminator is a more practical solution for your usage

  • Wong

    if i buy 2 how much? do you provide bag? tq

  • dhan

    do you sell the bulb only?

  • zila

    do you still sell this? 1 package?

  • SoOn Sky

    how to buy it ? can go u store take it ? where ?

  • SyNc.K.J.

    I am from PJ. SS2.
    Please email me at synckayjun@gmail.com for the best price
    Any way to re-price if i do not want the stand?
    and COD or postage?
    (I would like to exchange the stands for softboxes if its possible tho)