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Fashionista NOW: The Kimono Inspired Fashion Trend

The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment worn by men, women and children usually in full-length robe with hem that falls to the ankle. In modern fashion, the kimono has been invading the women’s clothing line, thus marrying the traditional and cultural with today’s minimalist approach.

While the classic robe can be a bit of a challenge for the unfamiliar to put on, the kimono in modern fashion has been designed for ease of wear and still retains the trademark T-shaped cut and broad sleeves.

A kimono inspired dress for instance can be made of light flowing material and the cinch around the waist area may be held by an obi-like sash (an improvisation of the traditional obi belt) which may or may not be tied. More kimono-inspired styles can be seen in tops, jackets, lightweight cardigan of today’s fashion where they have become quite a fancy layering staple to be worn over a tanktop or a dress.

Staying in line with the year’s fascination with bold and bright prints, the kimono inspired cover ups or cardigans of 2012 are splashed in vivid colors and patterns making them a style-statement that can uplift just about any look.

If you’re in a mood to stylize your wardrobe with an inclusion of different exotic ethnic features, a kimono inspired blouse or sheer lightweight jacket will be a stunning addition.

Below are some modern kimono inspired fashion sported by young fashionistas of today. May these be of help and inspiration for those seeking to blend traditional elements with the contemporary.

What do you think of the modern kimono styles? Do you like blouses, jackets, cardigans that are inspired by the kimono trend? Tell us below.

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