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Essential Studio Equipment : Boom Arm Stand

boom arm stand

Price : RM 230




Orders & Enquiries

Please email us at shops.famecherry@gmail.com or call us at 012-3375629

( We are also available on Whatsapp but if urgent please make phone call ya )






  • bro, boleh terangkan pasal benda ni x..Essential Studio Equipment : Richwin Pure Sine Wave Inverter & Battery Charger
    apa fungsi dia?

    • Love D®.

      Hello ISe RaZak

      Welcome to our online store =)

      It converts a 12v source like a car battery to 230v source. So you have a 230v supply when you are outdoor.

  • borneosailor

    bro, can include free postage to kota kinabalu,sabah for one unit of this boom light stand?

    • Love D®.

      Welcome to our online store =)

      You have email

  • BOOM LIGHT STAND…can handle studio light like 600watt?

  • Liewxx

    stock available for this item?

  • Jason

    HI is the arm detachable from the stand? Btw is the arm stiff enough to withstand the bending after long usage?

  • Feeq

    How to collect it? I’m based in Puchong Tq.

    • Feeq

      Btw, do u have a shop? I’m thinking of view the item 1st :)

    •  You’ve got mail =)

  • Encik Thomas

    Hello, can you please tell me, what diameter do the bars (stand and arm) have (have recently seen quite weak ones).  Thanks.

    •  This unit is more towards portability and I would recommend this for speedlights

      For full sized strobes later we will launch heavy duty version, will be priced about RM 280

  • Zaidisulaiman

    bole sy dapatkan address kedai. nk beli equipment studio