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Manual Lens Malaysia : Zenitar 50mm f2.0 Russian Lens ( Carl Zeiss Technology, Helios 50mm Successor )


Promotional Price : RM 299 RM 199 ( We also accept payments in SGD )

Available Mounts : Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, NEX, M4/3, M42, Fuji, Samsung

Special Characteristics : Sharp Wide Open Even At Corners, Swirly Bohkeh

Purchase Options : Shipping Available To All Parts of Malaysia, Self Pick Up Is Available at our branch in Cheras


Optional Accessories

Full Metal Lens Hood : RM 19


Join The Zenit Worldwide Community : https://www.facebook.com/groups/zenit-world




Orders & Enquiries

Please email us at shops.famecherry@gmail.com or call us at 012-3375629

( We are also available on Whatsapp but if urgent please make phone call ya )





Manufacturer : Zenit

Technology : Carl Zeiss

Focal distance : 50mm

Aperture : F2.0

Field angle, (diagonally the frame) : 45 Degrees

Number of lenses/elements : 6/4

Minimum shooting distance : 0.35 m

Overall dimensions : Ø 66×43.4 mm

Weight : 140g



Zenit is a Russian (and formerly Soviet) camera brand manufactured by KMZ in the town of Krasnogorsk near Moscow since 1952

Founding and post-war years

After the German invasion of the Soviet Union in World War II, the Red Army had acute need for precision optical instruments. The existing factories were either inaccessible, such as LOMO in besieged Leningrad, or overloaded with demand, such as FED which had just been evacuated from Kharkiv to Berdsk. The KMZ factory was set up in 1942 near Moscow, which by then was no longer in immediate danger from German troops, on the site of a recently evacuated mechanical plant. Initially the company took over production of scopes and binoculars as well as reconnaissance cameras.

After the end of the war, KMZ began producing photographic lenses in 1945 to the specifications of the Carl Zeiss corporation, whose factory in Jena had been overrun by the Red Army and largely carted off as war reparations. In the post-war years KMZ also began producing the Zorki camera, a close copy of the German Leica II and the Soviet FED, as well as copies of Zeiss medium-format cameras under the name Moskva. These mark the beginning of consumer production at KMZ besides the original military focus of the company. During the following years, KMZ was the main supplier of photographic lenses in the Soviet Union.


1950s and 1960s: Years of creativity

The mid-1950s saw the beginning of a period of heightened R&D activity at KMZ. One reason was that lens production could be offloaded to a number of other new optical plants, including Arsenal in Kiev which began producing lenses in 1955. This freed up valuable resources at KMZ. Another reason was the changed economic policy under Nikita Khrushchev, which placed more emphasis on producing consumer goods, such as cameras, instead of investment goods and heavy industry. As a result, KMZ produced several highly interesting concept cameras that won international prizes at fairs such as the 1958 World Exhibition in Brussels.

The company’s Zorki line of rangefinder cameras underwent significant modifications that moved it gradually from being a direct Leica copy towards an original camera line of its own. Several other highly interesting rangefinder camera lines were developed out of the Zorki in the early 1960s and put to market in relatively small numbers. However, the most influential camera developed during this period was the Zenit, a single-lens reflex camera based on the Zorki rangefinder body. The Zenit line was presented in 1953, and of the first generation of Zenit cameras, more than 1.2 million units were produced until the end of the 1960s. A major redesign was presented in 1967 that made the line compatible with the M42 lens mount that was in use worldwide.

In 1965, KMZ also began producing movie cameras, of which was the Krasnogorsk series for 16 mm film was the most well-known. During this time, there was substantial cooperation between the military and the civilian sections at KMZ; an example of this is the Horizont panoramic camera of 1967, which was developed out of an older artillery camera and continues to be produced in modified fashion to this day.


1970s and 1980s: Catering to the domestic market

he pace of R&D for consumer products at KMZ substantially slowed down at the end of the 1960s. One reason for this might have been the relatively low output figures. Since large amounts of resources were channeled towards research and development, production figures itself were low. Under the conditions of the Soviet planned economy, these absolute production figures tended to be the main indicator for a company’s productivity, which made it somewhat undesirable to invest in research and development. Another reason may have been the changed economic policy under Leonid Brezhnev, which again focused increasingly on heavy industry and arms production.

During the 1970s consumer production at KMZ shifted towards producing large numbers of individual, relatively simple models of the existing product lines. These still underwent smaller modifications and innovations, but there was a clear focus on mass production. The Zorki line of rangefinder cameras was continued until 1980 with a single model dating back to the 1956, of which 2.2 million were produced with some modifications. The Krasnogorsk-3 movie camera was produced in a largely unchanged fashion from 1971 to 1989. The Zenit line of SLRs saw somewhat more substantial modifications, such as the addition of light metering, but here too the focus was primarily on mass producing tried-and-true models, rather than implementing technical innovations such as automatic exposure that had been standard in the West for almost a decade before they appeared on the Zenit. To cope with domestic demand, Zenit production was outsourced to several other camera works in the Soviet Union as well. More than 6 million Zenit cameras were produced at KMZ until the end of the 1980s, but by that time the Zenit comparatively outdated. During this time, the relative importance of the military section of KMZ grew, in response to the increasing focus on arms production in the USSR in general. KMZ also developed a major focus in metallurgy, mechanical engineering and optoelectronics.

Lens Review



Sample Photos & Video





Sample Video

Music Video Scenes credits to the Zenitar 50mm f2.0 ( Fence, Train Station ), Mitakon 85mm f2.0 II ( Park ), Mitakon 135mm f2.8 ( Park )



Snapshot of Video In Progress

Hands On Field Test ( Shot Wide Open )


IMG_0436 pro



  • is there any AF or Focus-Point confirmation(electronic contacts) available?

    •  The lens is manual focus

      Focus confirmation got for Canon mounts

      For my shots I used LCD zoom 10 x then only focus to make sure their spot on

    •  U have email

  • Dych_94

    how much for this of canon mount with af ? 

    • Yes Canon mount got focus confirmation 

      RM 199

  • do u meant by canon/nikon mount via an adapter or specifically made like tamron/sigma except with no AF?

  • Darrenloh_0125

    may i noe this lens can use on Canon FF or apcs onli ?

    And need adapter?
    New item or 2nd hand?

    • Can use for both

      Everything come together already so no worries

      Brand new, we only sell brand new products

      • Horng Woei Chang

        can use for EP3?

  • Azreen_ax

    cant i now your branch in Chera address .

  • Leven_ho

    is that only 50mm F2.0 for sale only do you sell 50mm F1.4 ?

  • Namhto80

    please send detail to my email on this product and also flash light that suitable for canon 1100D my email namhto80@gmail.com

    •  Ready stock =)

      U got email

      • Namhto80

        namhto80@gmail.com please send me detail ASAP and dont forget the flash light price too…

  • Fourthyeight

    what is your address @ cheras?

  • pm me the detail spec for nikon

    •  Can use with Nikon camera yes

      • GemukPendek

        every nikon model or just certain model? like me for example i am a user of D90… does this lens match with my DSLR?

        • Every nikon model

          Yes can use with yours

          You got email

  • lgkwi

    no need adapter? af? good for video rebel kissx4?

    •  Come together already

      Yes good for video for your camera

  • can use for nikon d3100??

  • can use for nikon d3100??

  • Hi FAME CHeRi, can use this lens on M4/3 Camera? like Panasonic GF1, GF2?

  • Zenitar 50mm f2.0 Russian Lens…can fix for nikon d5000…??

  • Zenitar 50mm f2.0 Russian Lens…can fix for nikon D5000…??

  • can i get the detail for this lens also steadicam?

    • Which details do you require ?

      This lens is portrait lens suitable for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, M42, M4/3, NEX

      Steadicam meaning the motionpro stabilizer ?


    Can use for samsung nx200 ?

  • juhnno

    suitable for samsung nx10?

    •  Are all samsung mounts the same ?

      • juhnno

        ya…i think all the same…so? suitable?

  • Jrie182

    Zenitar 50mm + Sony Alpha Adapter price pls. TQ.

  • Wong

    Address pls

  • yg ni ade autofocus tak?

  • abeless


  • Allen

    I would like to know if this lens is only for manual focus…Is it compatible with sony alpha dslt or it needed a adapter? Is there ready stocks? PM me..thanks

    • Yes manual focus, from my experience manual focus usually is sharp even on the side for rule of third composition. Autofocus lens usually only centre sharp unless you buy those high end expensive lens

      Yes compatible

      Yes ready stock

      You have email

  • Akuyahaya

    suitable for nikon D5100?

    pm me the detail spec for nikon

  • Afiqque1992

    Email me your Shop Address please?

    •  U have email =)

      • kevinlui

        Just got my Zenitar 50mm f2.0 lens cod at cheras branch today,

        nice seller easy and fast and provide good service,

        definitely will deal with u again ya good day thanks.

        • hehe cheers mate, enjoy your new item !

          Thank you so much !

  • hi i need to buy some equipment but can i try before buy where is your branch in cheras thanks.

    •  Sure

      We in Cheras Bdr Tun Razak

      • matt

         sample photo yg u ambil sure pakai lens ni? manual focus right, what about d aperature? manual also or?

        •  Yes taken using this lens

          Everything manual =)

  • Fa’iz

    I’m interested in getting the 50mm f2.0 lens Russian Zenitar Lens for Canon 1100D ..

    •  Yes its compatible =)

      • rio

        does it need other adapter to b able to connect/mount it to canon 1100d? or it is ready to go/mount?

        • Everything already come together so can just plug and play ! =)

          You no need to worry any thing at all

  • is it compatible with Nikon D3200

  • Johnson Chong

    HI,  does this  lens come with an adap tor for Sony NEx camera ? I am using Sony Nex6

    •  Yes can use with your camera =)

      Sony Nex got peaking mode

  • can use with Nikon D3000? Manual or auto focus?

    •  Can be used with your camera

      Manual focus =)

  • Ngeejee

    hi, is this in M42 mount? what would the shipping be like for Kuching, Sarawak.  Also, did you mention this is “NEW”??

  • shahril

    this lens can use for nikon3100 ?? 

  • ca_rel93@yahoo.com

    for mikatkon 85mm f2.0 II can use for nikon d3100 ?? manual or auto focus?? is it dot warranty?? 

    •  Yes can


      1 Year warranty for manufacturing defects

  • jesse74

    how can i pick it(nikon mount with lens hood) up by myself? can u email me the actual price and your address?

    • Ready stock

      Actual price is as listed with no hidden charges, deviation or deception of any kind ! Its really RM 199 only ! =)

      U have email

      • Ars All

        Hi,how much the cost to Kuching Sarawak?the ‘bokeh’ is originally from this lens?..if can,pls inbox the picture – lens with hood…tq:)

        •  Yes the bohkeh is original from this lens without alteration

          You have email

      • Akoi

        Hi can i have more information on this item for Nikon D3000?
        is it suitable for nikon D3000?

  • jesse74

    how can i pick it(nikon mount with lens hood) up by myself? can u email me the actual price and your address?

  • Way Siong

    Hi, Way Siong here
    may i know this lens still available? 
    im interested


  • Thomas Hii

    Hi can i have more information on this item for Nikon D5100? 

  • well this is interesting never try before this russian lens….u got adapter for canon 60d? 

  • can u email me joecore90an2@gmail.com…canon 60d

  • Ajeeb747

    hi..may i know this lens can use for nikon d3100?
    and let me know ur branch address plss..coz i prefer go to ur branch..hEe~ :)
    this is my email..  ajeeb747@yahoo.com

  • Vinzvinod

    send to ur address

  • Pduih_83

    hi , can use for sony nex? need adapters?

  • Ueki_faez

    is it mountable for sony a550 ??

  • Amir_5142

    Zenitar 50mm f2.0 Russian Lens…can fix for nikon d7000…?? PM me plzzz..amir_5142@yahoo-5KVGLVFVTHJOHZVIP3VYZWDFPQ:disqus .com

  • mohanad

    HI can i use with nikon d3200 ?? and shop location pls mohanad.altaai@gmail.com

  • kiegguan

    Zenitar 50mm f2.0 haf focusing motor? is it suitable for nikon 5100?

    • This lens is fully manual focus bro


  • Roundraxs

    Just got this today, the pictures are so sharp and the bokeh is so good… thanks a lot!!!

  • dan

    got motor or not?

  • azry zainuddin

    Is there still promotion price? for D3100.. azryzainuddin@yahoo.com

  • hi…i want to know that zenitar 50mm f2.0 lens available for canon 600D???

    and i want to know that the promotion is until when???

    • Yes got

      Promo period decided by factory

  • Can send me full details on this lens? Also ur shop add??my email is carrotjian_1991@hotmail.com

  • keyi

    hi..is this lens still available?

  • Kyr

    Hi, can you send me the details?

  • Chris

    besides 50mm f2 does Zenitar hv any othe range of lens eg 100mm f2?

    • Maybe later if factory decides to relaunch =)

  • iskandar

    do you have stock for 50mm? wanted to use for d3100 nikon. my email iskandarmahmud@yahoo.com

  • Chris8

    Do u hv the Helios 58mm f2 in a-mount?? as i saw an old m42-mount lens…

    • I have tested the Helios 58mm f2 that day, the Zenitar 50mm is sharper than that lens when i ran a side by side

      But yeas, we do have the a-mount for Zenitar 50mm

  • Choon Yong Mee

    May i know this 50mm can be fit in Nikon D3100? any stock (cymee123@gmail.com)? can email me the price with Nikon Mount + Full Metal Lens Hood?

  • Can Fit Nikon V1 or Nikon D3200??

  • is this can fit with Canon 500D ? is this available?

  • Yen

    can this lens work on metering for nikon d40

  • this lens still available?

  • Akoi

    Please PM me …. Akoi (shahrulakoi@yahoo.com)

  • meer

    do this lens can fit to nikon d90?

  • meer aziz

    can fit with nikon D90?

  • hairi

    can fit with Nikon 60D?

  • fnmy

    still valid?

  • Can have your Cheras address please?

  • fareed

    what is your address @ cheras? pm me asap fareedkadir@yahoo.com

  • helo tauke..ive already transfer rm209 to ur account and ive sent the details to ur email this morning. please reply my emel.. tq tauke

  • can use for nikon d3000??

    Please PM Me TQ (shahruakoi@yahoo.com)

  • Al Shah Shah

    canon 550D blh masuk tak? cheras di mana?

  • Ilyana Mohamed

    built in non-motor, right?

  • Riza Yahaya

    is it still available?

    where is your shop location, can we COD around KL

  • jayjay

    hello, can u send me the detail please?
    thanks :)

  • SyafiqAiman93

    I need one with nikon d5100 mount..same price right?
    pm me :)

    • Thank you

      Yes same price

      U have email =)

  • Lucas Chiah

    this lens can fix on Nikon 1 J1 ?

  • Shah Evans

    i nk oder

  • joe

    how much for canon mount?

  • picc

    can be put on canon eos 60D ?

  • Akiyo Wei

    can use on sony nex? the lens will come with adapter?

  • fathi

    can be put on canon dslr eos 7D?

    • fathi

      are all this lenses can be put on eos 7D?

      • Yes all our lenses can be used with your 7D

    • Yes absolutely

  • Chang Yaw Yong

    whr can buy it

  • Alphax65

    how much for one with mount for sony alpha courier to Johor?

  • Alz

    Hello, Can it be use with Samsung NX1000 Camera? Or do I need a lens mount for it? Thank you.

    • Alz

      BTW, I also have a Canon 700D, thus want to know if the lens also fit for canon dslr? Or I have to buy separate lens for each camera? Thank you.

      • Yes can use absolutely

        No need to buy seperate lens, same lens can use all bodies

    • Yes can use

      U have email =)

  • leon7346

    Still available? Can use for SOny A57? pm me in detail the spec..

    • Yes


      thank you so much for choosing us ! =)

  • wek

    Can used with Sony NEX C3 ? kamerim@yahoo.com

  • Wen Ang

    still available ? can it be use for olympus ep3 ?

  • Z

    shop address?

  • muhammad fazreen

    can i buy it from online..
    for nikon D90 ?

  • Asy-Syahid Al-Hafiz

    is there any af adapter for sony alpha??

  • Ken Lau Ching Seong

    Sony @33 can use Zenitar 50mm f2.0?

    • Yes, absolutely =)

      • Ken Lau Ching Seong

        Address branch in Chera. tq

  • Nicholas

    Hi, what is the pricing include with Canon DSLR mount, ex stock?

    • U got email

      Stock is brand new direct from factory

  • Crystal yap

    hi? can u send me the detail please?
    I am using Sony Nex5
    thanks :)

    • Yes ready stock

      Yes can use on your Nex

      You got email =)

  • ahmad fahmi

    PM me . Include the adapter or not?

  • iceiy2103

    hye,, could u PM me..im using canon 550d..

  • trenzo

    is there any warranty for this unit?

    • Yes got, 1 year warranty for manufacturing defects

  • Masshuhadah Oke

    can this lens fix into nikon D3200 ?

  • trenzo

    Can it fit my nikon d5100? Does it come together with lens cap?

  • trenzo

    Can it fit my nikon d5100? does it come together with a lens cap?

  • Ahmad Akhmal Suhaimi

    Zenitar 50mm f2.0 Russian Lens are this m42?

    • We have available Mounts : Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, NEX, M4/3, M42, Fuji, Samsung, Minolta

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  • Apeq

    how much for this lens with nex mount?

  • Kent Ooi

    Is this lens able to run AF with D7000 AF in -built motor?
    let me know the best price with the availability plus the delivery period. Deliver to JB.

  • kklei70

    can be used with nikon D40? what about autofocus?
    how long for delivery to sarawak?

    • Yes can, manual focus

      Poslaju after they pick up arrive in 1 working day time under normal circumstances

  • Yew Kian Yaw

    please PM me your address…

  • Jimmy Lim

    Sony Mount available? Can COD?

  • Steve Chan

    still available 50mm F2.0? It is ok to use for alpha 390? and provided mouth + shipping = RM199?
    Warranty and etc? Pls provide more information and thanks.

    • Ready stock, yes can use for Sony

      Warranty 1 year for manufacturing defects

      U have email =)

  • Anwar Idrus

    I want this lens..
    this is m42 lens or not?
    do emel me at anwaridrus28@gmail.com

  • CodeZero

    Is it compatible wif D5100?
    Whr is ur cheras branch?

  • Ryan

    May I know the price include postage? let say, posting to Sarawak?

  • kamarules

    Pm kalemerah@gmail.com..phone number please..

    Essential Studio Equipment : Zenitar 50mm f2.0 Russian Lens ( Carl Zeiss Technology, Helios 50mm Successor )

  • J_See R

    is it compatible with canon 650D? w/o using adapter?

  • Vincent

    Hi, is the lens adapter included for the price RM199?
    And is it fully compatible with Sony NEX-F3?
    Please quote me the details and delivery price to Seremban, NS
    email: matrixvinc@gmail.com

  • Nia

    Do you sell this with the respected adapter? Say, i need one with nex mount, is it covered with the price?

  • Eric

    can i use this lens on olympus om 10 and sony nex?

  • feykar yuzaily

    sony mount still available? i want it with Full Metal Lens Hood

  • KK Wong (Alma)

    can use for Nikon D60 ?

  • KK Wong (Alma)

    how to make a order ? i need 1 to try if can use for D60. is manual n for portrait ? no need adapter in between ?

    • Yes full manual focus using hand

      Yes suitable for portrait

      U have email

  • Nia

    I’m interested in this lens for its spiral bokeh. but i’m only using apsc.since it’s crop, im not sure if the result is the same.can u post some nice sample with apsc sensor?

    • It will be the same

      You have email


  • Jun Kit

    Manual Focus?

  • Kit Chan

    Hi, may I know 50mm lens and 85mm lens, both can create the same effect of “swirl background”?
    please pm me your address..txs.

    • Zenitar 50mm and Helios 85mm both have swirley bohkeh with varying intensity due to focus length

      You have email

  • emptyenigma

    60d n d7000 can fix

  • Prakash PB

    Is it sutable for Nikon 5100 .If so how much for this ? Af lens ?


  • Arun Mathavan

    How to mount this one with my nikon d5100. Also do you send to SG?

  • puteri

    need to use adapter for nikon n canon?

  • zarith

    Where can i get the adapter?

  • akaawol

    Cost to ship to Singapore?

  • Do you ship to Thailand ?

  • Ronnie

    Can it be using on Olympus EP3?

  • Peter Law

    Hi, the Zenitar 50mm F2 has different mounting option? or it does comes with the adapter?
    do you have option to include adapter that enable me to mount it both on nikon + fuji mount?

  • Azman

    Can used at Nikon D7000?

  • Tan Woen Tian

    hi, is the lense fit with sony nex5? price with af? thx.

  • chris

    kindly email the spec for this lens, and is it compatible wit 7D.. thanks..

  • Js

    can i use this on my gx1 ? i need a converter for this ?

    • Yes can use, everything u need we already give u so no worrie

      U got email =)

  • suresh

    hi bro canon 1100d can use this lens????

  • Khairul Fahmi Ab Wahab

    how to order this item?

  • luqman hakim

    can use for nikon d3200?

  • Xiao Feng

    Hi, do you offer delivery service over to singapore ?

  • Xiao Feng

    Hi, is there any delivery service to singapore for this ?

    • Yes we do deliver to Singapore =)

      You’ve got email, quotation sent

  • Jason Chua

    Hi, can fit on Nikon D5100 (DX)?

  • Afzan putera

    zan_putera@yahoo.com please send me the details and how can i buy this. Can u post it?

  • Haziq Hussain

    Does it work with full frame sony a7?

  • Wong Hon Sern

    Hi there, could you give me the quote of this lens together with the hood and adapter to sony NEX? is this a full frame lens or APSC?

  • Bro M

    do i need converter for sony a7? also voitglander 12mm does it also need converter & can use for full frame?

    • All our lenses are full frame lenses =)

      All our lenses can use straight out of the box

      U got email

  • ckhor

    Is this Zenitar 50mm f1.2 russian lens compactible for sony ?58?

  • Spitfir3

    item still available ?? can use with sony a58 ??

  • PC

    How to set aperture on canon 60D?

    • Turn the aperture ring on the lens, u can see the aperture ring in the pictures above

      U have email =)

  • Juna

    helo, do i need an adaptor to attach this lens on my sony a6000?

  • Ben

    Does it come with fuji x mount or an adaptor needed.

  • syafik

    how much total price for include postage and nikon mount adapter
    Zenitar 50mm f2.0 include postage and nikon mount adapter

  • syafik

    how much total price for
    Zenitar 50mm f2.0 include postage and nikon mount adapter

  • najwa

    can be used with fuji x-m1?

  • RHuss

    Already emailed to you regarding this lens.
    Please check.Thanks.


  • Siveon

    Available for fujifilm x-m1 mount?

  • zuel ridzuan

    how to purchase?

  • VFury

    Hey there, do you have this in Sony FE (A7II) mount?

  • vincent lai

    Sony Alpha 7 II , have ? ned buy converter ? pls reply me email , thx .

  • Amirul Zaidun

    Hello, can it fit Sony A6000? does it need adapter?

  • Amirul Zaidun

    Available for Sony a6000 E-mount? does it need adaptor?

  • storm17

    Hi. Do you have it in stock in m42 mount?

  • Natasha Alias

    Can use it on A mount camera Like sony? If it use adapter does it come together for rm199? And your adress in cheras? Email Natasha_alias@yahoo.com

  • Ihsan

    Hi! Does this lens compatible w/ my sony a550? Or do i need any adapter tu attach it w/? Tq.

  • Muhammad Farhan Mohd Fadzil

    does zenitar 50mm f2 available in sony sony e mount

  • Cheryl Law

    May I know if I need to buy a mount for Canon separately?