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Studio Equipment Malaysia : Muslin Background ( 100% Cotton )


Price : RM 149 + Optional GST https://goo.gl/zwusPB



Orders & Enquiries

Please email us at shops.famecherry@gmail.com or call us at 012-3375629

( We are also available on Whatsapp but if urgent please make phone call ya )







Muslin is often the cloth of choice for theater sets. It is used to mask the background of sets and to establish the mood or feel of different scenes. It receives paint well and, if treated properly, can be made translucent.

It also holds dyes very well. It is often used to create night time scenes because when it is dyed, it often gets a wavy look with the color varying slightly, such that it resembles a night sky. Muslin shrinks after it is painted, but it is widely used because it makes an excellent painting surface.

In video production as well, muslin can be used as a cheap greenscreen or bluescreen, either precolored or painted with latex paint (diluted with water). It is commonly used as a background for the chroma key technique.

Muslin – the most common backdrop material used by photographers for formal portrait backgrounds – is usually painted, most often with an abstract mottled pattern.

In the early days of silent film-making and up until the late 1910s, movie studios did not have the elaborate lights needed to illuminate indoor sets, so most interior scenes were sets built outdoors with large pieces of muslin hanging overhead to diffuse the lighting.

More interesting read about muslin at Wikipedia




  • Ashraf Rafdzi


    Is the price for all background? Or for plain background only?

  • Love D®.

    Hello Ashraf Rafdzi

    Thank you for visiting Essential Studio Equipment =)

    The same price is for all of our backgrounds regardless of color or pattern

  • Ashraf Rafdzi

    Hi, its me again.

    The choice of color/pattern, is it as shown via image above? Or do you have any other color/pattern?

    • Love D®.

      Hello Ashraf Rafdzi

      The variety of color and patterns shown in the picture above is what we currently have at the moment =)

  • eksan

    I would like to order 1 pc of Muslin background (coffee colour with check) price 0f 170 RM.
    I stay at nibong Tebal,Penang. so I would like know the total charges including postage.of the goods
    Thank You. waiting forward for your reply

    • Love D®.

      Hello eksan

      Welcome to our online shop =)

      Please check your email

  • aini

    i would like to know any background which have an image like a lanscape at river,..jungle or anything look like a nice place..an how much it is?TQ.

    • Love D®.

      Yes, we are able to source for these too =)

      Please check your inbox

  • lowmans

    i would like to know what other image u have for muslin background. Tq

    • Love D®.

      You’ve got mail =)

  • JH


    Is the muslin cloth folderable?
    If yes will it leave a crease?


    • Love D®.

      Yes, muslin cloth is foldable and portable

      Any crease or wrinkles can be easily removed by ironing

  • Nazmi


    I have complete backdrop, but want to find another muslin cloth background. Have you?

    • Love D®.

      Yes we have =)

  • Lah_2705

    can u send to me example for muslin background… i think i want order too…

    • Muslin is backdrops made of 100% cotton, its foldable and portable but its not wrinkle free

      Photo examples can be found here http://famecherry.com/photo/psd/hdh/joeylicious

      • Lah_2705

        hai…sy dah tgk samplenya. ada tak background yg bercorak? utk kita amik gmbr potret family.

        •  Unfortunately, sekarang hanya ada solid color untuk muslin dan non-woven

  • fahmi

    you have landscape backgrond? 

  • Peck_yah

    Hi, how do I order as I cannot see the colours! I am interested in the brown with some pattern on it! Sorry I don’t know how to describe but if you have picture, it’ll be easier

    •  Terribly sorry mate, now we only have solid colors available

      Is that quite alright ?

  • Eddy Haman

    Hello. Did you have blue chromakey screen? And also i want to know prize plus postage to bintulu.

  • Eddy Haman

    Hello. Did you have blue chromakey screen? And also i want to know prize plus postage to bintulu.

  • Azizul J

    Hi Fame Cheri. 
    could you please email me the detail & price for this product & 1x background stand to my mail box.  im located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Thanks :)

    •  You’ve got mail =)

      • Razipk Kamari

        Email me samples of art color background as thumbnail preview 

        •  Sorry bro, we only sell solid colours for muslin

          If you want art i suggest the Mirage backdrops

  • fida


    may i know, do u have a pattern style on muslin backdrop and non-muslin either? and do u promise that i’ll be get the good quality goods after the delivery, because i wonder the safety of goods while in delivery progress. thank you.

    • Hello

      1 ) Unfortunately we only have solid colors for muslin currently

      2 ) Im not quite sure what u mean by good quality goods but i will try to satisfy this query =)

      Most of these equipment that we sell i field test it myself personally and I only list them onto our shop only and only if they satisfy my requirements and if i feel that the price you are paying for is a good price to performance ratio but then again all this is in my judgement solely so i hope that our thresholds for quality has some levels of similarity

      You can check out my video and photo works at http://famecherry.com/category/models

      So far we have no complaints in terms of quality for our goods offered

      3 ) The safety of the goods will be the courier’s responsibility but of course we do pack the items adequately before sending out. We have shipped countless items and so far there has been no reports of items endangered during the delivery process

      Any questions please feel free to call or whatsapp me also at 012-3375629

      Email also available at shops.famecherr@gmail.com

      Thank you =)

  • Kehem Pelhem Felhem

    Hi, do you provide chroma key green screen too?

    • Yeah ready stock =)

      • Kehem Pelhem Felhem

        Do you do custom size because i need a big size of it.

  • Jinsee

    Hi, do you have the plain green muslin that meant for chromakey purpose?

  • Idham Rashid

    Hello, do you have the plain green muslin that meant for chroma key purposes? Do you sell chroma key paint?

  • mack

    hi again. price list plz and sample :) makanmeh@gmail.com. so merci :)