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epicpictures: been a while since the last…


Been a while since the last post, which was done before CNY 2012, http://famecherry.com/photo/epicpictures-photo/da/epicpictures-happy-chinese-new-year-2012-year-of-the-dragon/

Things been up and down, plan to start a project which ports the design to another medium. Faced plenty of obstacles, still on hold but it is getting there soon. I guess some might have known what this project i was referring to. Nothing big but important enough for me as a personal milestone.

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Ace Model From Hong Kong : From Dawn Till Dusk ~ Rabbitluv You @ Taipan USJ


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Ace Model From Hong Kong : Home Alone Time ~ Rabbitluv You


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Ace Model From Hong Kong : Happily Ever After ~ Rabbitluv You @ Pullman Lakeside


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Ace Model From Hong Kong : Lady In Red ~ Rabbitluv You @ Taman Tasik Titiwangsa


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Pop Shoot : Girls Generation SNSD Themed Shoot ~ D.S.L. @ Taman Empangan


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Expo & Fairs : Pikom PC Fair April 2012 ( Orbis Ringflash Version )


Yes, it’s the time of the year again =)

We continue our field trial to see how the Orbis performs in real event shoots where multiple variable ambient lighting is present


Ladies and gentlemen, we present the booth babes and booth hunks of Pc Fair April 2012 !

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Modeling Wiki : How To Get Started & Become A Successful Portrait Model v1.0


The first thing you should know modeling is : Models Are Not Born, They Are Made.

All successful models are where they are because of their hard work. Relying on looks alone won’t get you far.

Although being born beautiful can be helpful, 8 out of 10 times it does not guarantee you will be a successful model.

My definition of successful modeling is getting paid to model, getting paid well and getting paid often.

To make things simple, I have broken down successful modeling into 4 decisive parts

1 ) Make Up ( Art )

2 ) Portfolio ( Marketing )

3 ) Performance ( Skill )

4 ) Work Ethic ( Professionalism )


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Danny T. Digital Art – Hi-fly fabric featuring Riana

IMG_7225_final 2


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Cosplay Photoshoot ~ Saya, The Only Remaining Original Vampire ; Featuring Stephy Yiwen @ Jalan Kastam


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CHÉRI : Sue Sien


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Danny T. Digital Art – Creative cosmetic makeup photoshooting

IMG_6301 final


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