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Holiday Dream Studio


Location Rental : RM 150 for 3 Hours ( Special Rates For Sessions Longer Than 3 Hours, please contact us for details )

Our location is in Serdang. For booking and enquiries please contact 012-3375629 or write to us at shops.famecherry@gmail.com


Special Features

  • Four Distinctive Locations Available For Use ( Bed , Backdrops , Master Bedroom, Outdoor, Foosball Table )
  • Enormous Workable Space Which Accommodates to the Use of Telezoom Lenses
  • 2.5 Horsepower Air Conditioner Ensures A Comfortable Working Climate



Illuminator 5500K Continuous Lighting System

Cyclops 800W Continuous 3200K Halogen Sunlight

Rapid Deploy Softbox ( 60 cm x 90 cm )

Rapid Deploy Octabox ( 80 cm )

Beauty Dish With Honeycomb ( 42 cm )

Translucent Umbrella

Nice F-600 Portable Strobe ( Max 2 Shooters At Any One Time )

Osiris 400W Studio Ringflash System ( Max 1 Shooter At Any One Time )


Background Facilities

Black and White Papyrus Seamless Background Paper ( Default )

Black and White High Tech Nonwoven Fabric Backdrops

Magic Fur Carpet and Magic Fur Blanket

Deus Ex Machina Mechanized Dual Backdrop Tactical Holder

Magic Fog, 1000 Watt Fog Machine


Auxiliary Equipment

Ernesto Studio Windmachine For Fashion Hair

Gustav Studio Windmachine For Fashion Hair & Attire

Aura Portable Windmachine ( To Be Readied Upon Request )

Boom Arm Stand


Secondary Micro Enviroment

260 cm x 180 cm x 50 cm Inflatable Swimming Pool ( Only Available Upon Special Request )


Attires Available For Use ( To Be Readied Upon Request )

Japanese School Girl Attire

Japanese High School Girl Attire

Bleach Cosplay Attire

SNSD Sailor Attire

Armor Plates

Angel Wings & Devil Wings ( White, Black )












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