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Portrait Cafe Database ~ FUN OK Cafe


FUN OK is a cafe built around the “Home Away From Home” concept, in this post we examine all the photographic possibilities that this cafe has to offer =)



As shown in the pictures above, the windows of the cafe are wide and unobstructed. This allows a good amount of natural light into the cafe.


The cafe itself houses many furniture’s created out of ordinary household utilities such as washing machines and such. The walls are all nicely decorated with miscellaneous  items to give it a homely kind of feel.

At this particular section, there is a pink wall. Interesting possibilities can be present by combining such as background and the natural ambient light from outside.


The decos which lines the walls allows for potentially funky possibilities



Soft toys are strategically placed about the cafe to give a friendly and fluffy feeling =)


This section of the cafe features a very interestingly designed table made from a barbeque set I think. There is a Titanic within this bbq set =P

Overall, plus the table lamp, this gives an interesting studious note to the picture.

The wooden wall deco allows a very western feeling wall for background.



Yellow wall allows for yellow background, need the clothes to match though

The corner at the side has a spot of shadow which can be used for low key stuff


Japanese styled tables can give off a modern Jap feeling to the shoot


Hmm … cosy sofa feel =) Very inviting indeed


On the other section of the cafe, there is a section decorated as a kind of bedroom feeling place complete with curtains, pillows and such


The chairs and tables and their eloquent designs allow for varied possibilities


This section of the wall can be very interesting to use.

The ancient looking grilled door on the side can give a nice vintage feel



The cafe is lighted by many colorful balls which can be interesting to use as background too =)


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72A Jalan Cerdas

Taman Connaught

Cheras 56100

Kuala Lumpur








Photography Credits

The Sleekest Sexiest Photo-sharing Community on Facebook

In Portrait Location Database, we systematically seek out and document all interesting cafes which can be used as venue for portrait photo-shoots.

The purpose of this column is to share the location of all interesting portrait cafes with all portrait enthusiasts.

3 comments to Portrait Cafe Database ~ FUN OK Cafe

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  • Coshin

    May I know this cafe charge to shooting photos or not? If yes how much they charge?

    • Love D®.

      From my experience they dont charge for non-commercial shoots

      But I would recommend that you call them up to double confirm this before you make arrangements plus to ask them which time is best to come etc

      They can be contacted at 03-91019915

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