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Malacca : A Taste Of Malaysia For Our Foreign Friends

Recently I have had a foreign friend who visited Malaysia. And of course, me, being the good host I am, I naturally selected Malacca as one of the must see’s for my friend.

The Quest For The Universal Status Symbol

A status symbol is a perceived visible, external denotation of one’s social position and perceived indicator of economic or social status.Many luxury goods are often considered status symbols. Status symbol is also a sociological term – as part of social and sociological symbolic interactionism – relating to how individuals and groups interact and interpret various

The Hunt For Living Space In The 21st Century

Personal space is the region surrounding a person which they regard as psychologically theirs. Invasion of personal space often leads to discomfort, anger, or anxiety on the part of the victim.

Malaysia’s 1st Homestay Website

When I was studying overseas, I used to backpack all over Europe. In all of my trips I stayed in hostels that I found on the internet.

One of my favorite sites was Hostel World, I could find the most comfortable accommodations at very very affordable rates =)