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Port Dickson Portrait : Serena Chan ( Shot Using Telezenitar 135mm f2.8 APO )


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Fashionista NOW: Autumn 2013 Trend Alert ~ Falling For Brocade All Over Again

Brocade’s made into one of Fall’s celebrated trends the previous year and it’s back on the runway again this year. Wonder how to sport brocade without looking too over the top?

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Fashionista NOW: Cake-Inspired Fashion Ideas

Attention, cake lovers out there – have you ever thought of organizing your wardrobe according to the colors and textures of your favorite cake?

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Fashionista NOW: Fish Scale Fashion Inspiration

Not only do fish prints get under the magnifying glass of fashion, fashion designers can’t help but zoom into the eye-catching scale details of the fish and use them as inspiration to inject more fun and variety into the wardrobe options of the masses and take it to the next level.

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Fashionista NOW: Military Sleek Fashion Inspiration

Being a female is truly a blessing when it comes to fashion. What’s in men’s closet, we get to raid and transform into something that’s completely gender-blurred.

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Fashionista NOW: Trendy Footwear ~ Ankle Strap Shoe Trend

Ankle strap shoes are officially in this year. Not that they’ve ever been out, mind you. What’s with the sudden spike of love for these timless shoe style, particularly the single strap ones?

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Fashionista NOW: Anchor Print Fashion Inspiration

If you’ve ever gone nautical with your wardrobe styling, you’ll know the appeal of anchor prints.

Who’d have thought that a heavy clunky metallic device to connect a ship to the ground body of water could make such a lasting presence in women’s fashion world, eh?

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Fashionista NOW: Mickey Mouse Fashion Trend

Mickey Mouse fashion is not only reserved for children. Grown adults are at the mercy of their childhood obsession and this is heavily influenced with the variety of Mickey-inspired trendy apparel designed to cater to their age bracket as well.

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Fashionista NOW: Fashionable Print Ideas For A Fun & Quirky Wardrobe

Never dismiss the power of quirky fun summer prints to give your wardrobe a quick boost of transformation. Find out some fashionable fun print ideas to sport while the sun’s still casting its summery rays(or not).

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Fashionista NOW: Sunflower Print Fashion Inspiration

Sunflowers have been blooming in fashion for quite a while. Think summer-perfect sunflower dresses and you’d know it’s been around. This year’s seen a new crop of cheery sunflower prints from clothes to shoes as well as ornaments on jewelry.

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Fashionista NOW: Feather Print Fashion Inspiration

Remember the feather extension insanity? Now you’ve got another derivative of that feather trend to flock towards and it comes in the form of feather prints!

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Studio Equipment Malaysia : Nflash 600 HSS Capable Superportable Outdoor Strobe 600W


Price : RM 1299

Product Specifications

Output power : 600 W

GN : 68

Li-ion Battery Capacity : 12V-6000mAh Memoryless, Flash 500 Times At Full Power

Recycling time : 0.1-5.5s

Modeling bulb : 12V 35W (with energy-saving mode)

Buzz : Yes

Color temperature : 5500K±200K

Package Includes 1. 1 x Light head

2. 1 x Reflector Cone

3. 1 x Battery

4. 2 x Modeling bulb

5. 1 x Case Strap

6. 1 x Flash Strap

7. 1 x 2.4GHz 16 channels Trigger ( 100m )

8. 1 x Aluminium Case




Orders & Enquiries : Please email us at shops.famecherry@gmail.com or call us at 012-3375629 ( We are also available on Whatsapp )





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