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Pop Shoot : Jean Jie & ShookFun Chen ( Shot Using Giant Reflector )


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Fashionista NOW: Menswear Inspired Fashion For Women

Women’s fashion has been pulling out inspiration from men’s collective wardrobes for ages. As lines between gender blur fashion-wise, women are greeted with the best of both worlds as menswear-inspired fashion gets under the spotlight this year.

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Fashionista NOW: Fall’s Hat Trend ~ Knit Beanie Fashion Inspiration

One of the most wearable trends for Autumn from the head accessory department is the knit beanie. If you loathe hats or anything that flattens the hair on top of your head, then you’re going to click out of the window. But if you’re a beanie lover, you’ll stay around longer!

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Fashionista NOW: Autumn Print Trend Alert ~ Neutral Stripes

Autumn greetings from the tropics! Are you in a state of despair because your wardrobe’s drabby and tired looking? Get your eyeballs peeled for a fashion boost because we might just have a cure to your fashion malady.

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Fashionista NOW: Statement Cardigan Fashion Inspiration

Check out the selection of trendy statement cardigans that will give something more to your outfit.

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Fashionista NOW: Jumpsuit Fashion Trend Inspiration

If rompers were a summer thing, this fall – jumpsuits take over as yet another one-piece trend that’s easy to slip on as temperature drops.

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Fashionista NOW: Tartan Fashion Trend Inspiration

Tartan, plaid, patchwork or whatever you want to call it is checking right back into the fashion spotlight as the season eases into Autumn.

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Fashionista NOW: Black Leather Fashion Inspiration

Nothing spells slick chic with a dose of dark and dangerous than the presence of a black leather item (genuine or faux) in your wardrobe. With the chilly temps, why not get leathered up in style, right?

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Fashionista NOW: Acid Wash Denim Fashion Inspiration

Tired of wearing your usual jeans but don’t want to completely abandon them? Why not give the acid wash denim trend a chance to bring a bit of spunk back into your wardrobe?

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Fashionista NOW: Autumn Outerwear Trend ~ Tweed Jacket Fashion Inspiration

Tweed outerwear are a versatile classic come the cooler months. Like clock work, it gets highlighted every single year. Made to insulate bodies from the cold, it’s also this season’s coveted outerwear trend.

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Fashionista NOW: Drop Crotch Style ~ Harem Pants Fashion Inspiration

Call it Aladdin pants or MC Hammer pants, the drop crotch style trousers will either do you good and mess you up completely. They key to looking good in them harem pants are below, so do read on!

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Studio Equipment Malaysia : Aphrodite, Exclusive Abstract Hand Painted Muslin Backdrops ( Abstract Muslin Background )


Price : RM 249

Quality : Hand Painted

Available Colors : Steel Blue, Brown, Grey, White

Dimension : 3 Meters x 6 Meters ( 10 Feet x 20 Feet )

Works Of Art : To produce each Aphrodite, the factory has to hand paint each backdrop and sun dry them. This way, each backdrop has its own unique character and the natural sun dry technique highlights the color and effect of the work. Production time for each backdrop takes an average of 2 – 3 months depending on the consistency of the weather.



Orders & Enquiries

Please email us at shops.famecherry@gmail.com or call us at 018-3737197

( We are also available on Whatsapp but if urgent please make phone call ya )




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