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True Love Everlasting

Cast down are the walls of Jericho, with worship songs of praise and guided steps of faith

Even so, not our will but God’s will be done in earth as it is in heaven

For His is the Kingdom, power and glory forever and ever
Hallelujah !
Lord, Jesus, Christ
Father, Son, Holy Spirit
Patience, Humility, Faith
Love, Love, Love
True Love Everlasting



Hari ini
Kurasa bahagia
Berkumpul bersama
Saudara semua

Tuhan Yesus telah
Satukan kita
Tanpa memandang
Di antara kita

Tangan dalam kasih
Dalam satu hati
Berjalan dalam
Terang kasih Tuhan

Kau sahabatku
Kau saudaraku
Tiada yang dapat
Memisahkan kita


Today I Feel Happy ( English Translation )

This day
I feel happy
Gathering together
With you all

Lord Jesus has
United us
Without regard
To our differences

Hands in Love
In one heart
Walking in
The Light of God’s Love

You are my friend
You are my family
Nothing will be able
To set us apart


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