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Fashionista NOW: 4 Hijab Fashion Bloggers To Follow On Lookbook

Fashion is a lifestyle and veiled women or women who wear the hijab have been known to be equally style-conscious as their non-hijabi counterpart.

As a person who is proud of wearing my hair out, in whatever styles I like, I find comfort in having my sense of identity attached to this little freedom.

The same can be said of women who made an active choice to don the hijab in a world increasingly hostile over their preference that is also influenced by their culture and religion.

For those who are imposed to do so, I feel for their plight as nobody likes to be dictated in the matters of dressing. As I’m of the mind that a woman has the choice to dress however she likes, I believe that ultimately, it is her very own prerogative to make that decision based on the context of her own unique life experience, whether to don the hijab or not.

Because hijab-wearing women ideally dress with the intention of expressing their modest sense of dressing, some may think they make only safe fashion but this, as you’d have witnessed, is far from the present reality with stylish hijab fashion Instagram icons on the rise.

H&M made the move last September by introducing their first hijabi model. Dolce & Gabanna unveiled their very first abaya and hijab collection targeted for Muslim women. Hijab Fashion Day recently took place in Medan, Indonesia as part of an initiative to boost the hijab modelling industry. World Hijab Day shall take place on February 1, 2016.

For those who don the hijab and want to peek into the world of stylish hijabi fashionistas and look as ab fab as them, here’s 4 to consider as a start:

So, what do you think of hijab fashion? Are they any questions you wish to pose with regards to the relationship of modest dressing and fashion expression? Share below – I love reading them and will reply.

Do you know there is a new earphone-friendly head scarf design that makes it easy for the modern hijabi so she can quit battling with her hijab just to listen to Adele’s Hello? Well, now you do.

Modest humility is beauty’s crown.Friedrich Schiller

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