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16.12.2015 How God Helped Me Lose 15 kg of Weight & Saved Me from Imminent Death

I was diagnosed with gastritis in 2008

The doctors prescribed me Omeprazole to cope with it

Sadly, after being on Omeprazole, what began with a stomach discomfort evolved to waking up every morning to a burning vomit of acid and bile reflux


I also began to have trouble digesting food made from starch and also oily foods

Once I had a large tasty dinner of pizza only to suffer later having it stuck in my stomach not being able to digest it the entire night !

The excruciating feeling i felt that night still haunts me whenever I eat pizza even till this day


On the side, I also found an abnormality in which I cant keep my attention span for long, I will just doze off against my will where I am at

So i found this to be very suspicious and I check the label for Omeprazole and found in the list of side effects includes the depletion of Vitamin B12 which is essential for mental alertness

So i had to buy some multivitamins to counteract this


Realizing its toxicity, I quit Omeprazole cold turkey which was really hard because it helped with my gastritis back then and stopping it brought my nausea and discomfort back

And I cant eat just any food, it has to be food of a specific sort of which my stomach can tolerate

I started having to cross out entire food chains from my edible food list but thank God I discovered that I am ok with yogurt and bananas

So for a long period of time during my student years, my diet consisted largely of yogurt, bananas and my own highly specific homecooked food


So it is with these persistent health issues that I brought together with me when I enter young working adulthood as a house officer in government service

In 2010, when I was working in the Hospital I witnessed things which opened my eyes to different realities


I saw a 17-19 year old boy, who for money sold himself to come to Malaysia, a land foreign to him, to be a factory worker here

It is also here that he his hand got destroyed by the machine he was operating

In the darkness of night he cried out in sorrow from his sick bed only to be rebuked and jeered by those around him

I wondered what future lies ahead of him, now being maimed and disabled in this manner


I saw various men, victims of violent attacks

Their head, hands, body, feet, violently maimed by blades and knives

A person was stabbed with a fruit knife by his friend while he asleep

Another permanently paralyzed from his neck down because his girlfriend’s uncle impaled his spine above his neck with a sickle

Even a fellow doctor, whom gangs of men came to his house to chop him up in his own house garage

I wondered why and how come these incidents befall them, and how fragile our well being is


I saw a 30 – 40 year old woman, who suffered a paper cut between her fingers while reaching for some files

Some time later this cut evolved into a tumour, I cant remember its cancerous or not

This just made me realize that anything can just happen anywhere


Most of all this affected me the most, in fact this haunts me


I had been taking care of this diabetic patient on insulin therapy for months

This guy is quite funny, he always hide a bar of chocolate somewhere in his room

So whenever we see a sudden spike of sugar in his blood we will know he just ate the chocolate which is bad for him coz he is diabetic

So we treated him as a sort of naughty patient, we will try to confiscate his candy but then he will keep on buying new ones

Its like playing hide and seek with him lol


Sadly though, the joke in the end was on him

When i rotated to another ward and came back about a month or two later, I discovered he became an amputee already at the knee

He was never the same since, the life and the humor that was in him have dried out

Then days later he have to undergo another operation again and cut off both his thighs because the necrosis have spread higher and higher


When I visit him again he was lying on his bed, yet barely being there

Both his legs have been sawn off from the joints at his hip

I wondered, what hope have he now ?

Even if he lives, what future has he ?


As he was fighting an infection, I remembered desperately trying to convince a family member beside him to buy some Vitamin C

Sadly all my last ditch of effort have not made a difference, the next day he died at a young age of about 35 – 40

I still think of this patient from time to time, even though i cant remember his name

I have always wondered, what is it which can save him ?

How come some diabetic patients are ok but some just deteriorate like him ?

What made him commit suicide with chocolates ?


Knowing that sugar is poison yet not able to stop himself from partaking temptation


Then I look at my own life and realize my health isn’t doing too good either

Waking up everyday in a vomit of acid and bile in my mouth

And only being able to safely consume bland and food without oil in it

From my experience in the hospital so far, it has been clear to me that life is indeed very short


I was 25 years old back then, if even at this young age I already have so many health issues and taking so many pills to sustain me

How many years have I left ?

Surely I will die young if this goes on


And the pills i have been taking they aren’t making me any better !

Where is the glory of my youth ?

Should I die achieving nothing in my life ?

Should I die forgotten ?


And my social life back then had been waking up at 4 am then working till 10 pm, having no social life

How many years have my parents left in their lives ?

Should I die with regret one day that I spent not enough time with them while they were yet alive ?


Also convinced by Hollywood back then that all i need is to find the right girl I will be happy, and as I had no girlfriend or time to find one

Should I die alone and without romance ?

Should I die without a family of my own ?



Affected by the diabetic patient’s death, in my heart i also thought, surely insulin is not the only answer

I check up my Russian textbooks and found alternatives that I wanted to try but they are not accepted here

As I was but a houseman so I need to do as its being done here, even commanded


Yet deep in my heart I am really convicted that if what’s being done is working then my friend wont have to die after having both his legs sawn off !

There must be an answer and a hope somewhere ! Right ?!

Even in darkest darkness there must be a light, there just must be !



Should I die dedicating my life to something of which I don’t believe in ?


At that point, my failing health and my first hand witnessing in the hospital began the drastic erosion of my faith in pharmaceutical drugs for the treatment of chronic diseases

So I wrote my resignation letter and I quit after i saved about RM 10000 from working in the government

I then spent RM 3000 on a dslr camera, most of the rest on my website, then began a rocky journey of starting up a business which eventually led me to freedom everlasting


Having the business didn’t solve my health problems though

As my business is an online business, I spent most of my time sitting in front of the computer

Thank God my inability to digest starch and oily food got healed by increasing the acidity of my stomach after some experimentation ( How ironic right ? )

So over the years I gained a lot of weight as I began to eat back everything that I can’t eat for the pass few years XD



Early this year 2015, after Chinese new year my weight touched 75 kg

I had breathing difficulties when i lie down to sleep

I also had a weird sudden bouts of vertigo when i was in front of computer, some kind of weird episodes of dizziness

Just walking up the stairs in my house sends my heart racing


I spent my days without energy and tired

And because I felt like I had no energy, thinking that sugar gives energy i kept on taking sugary food such as rich deserts which I enjoy

Yet my energy levels remain low

I was 29 year old that time yet I felt like I’m 40 plus or something

I have a persistent wound on my right toe which does not heal even after many months

My acid and bile reflux persisted



Then in recent March 2015, I got saved by God, and my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ began

That time during the 21 days fast and prayer in March I prayed to God daily for healing

As God is Love, the power of God’s Love transformed me greatly in all aspects of my life


This is what God led me to do


God ask me to take 3 bananas for breakfast every morning

So for about 3 months I took 3 bananas

To replenish whatever nutrients that I lacked

To increase my willpower and To overcome my desire for sweet stuff ( coz the sweetness from banana will satiate this desire, and the banana sweetness is better coz its slow release according to one of the Endocrinologist I encountered in HUKM )

I also stopped all sugar drinks and deserts


Then about the following 3 months

God led me to replace rice with vegetables in every meal

Means for example in a meal we have rice, vegetables and meat right ?

So I just replace the rice portion with more vegetables while keeping the meat portion same


In just 3 months after the rice replacement that I lost 10 kg without any exercise !

Now in the 8th month i lost a total of 15 kg !

My weight right now currently is between 60 – 61 kg !


I no longer have difficulty breathing and I can now run without having to collapse on the ground to find my breath !

While before in my sickness I felt like I was 40 years old, now I feel like I’m 21 years old ! =D

Even the persistent wound in my right toe has healed !


Praise the Lord Jesus Christ !



For my stomach problems, when I prayed to God to teach me patience

God led me to go on a 40 days fast as follows

Daniel fast – means only non rich food and no meat only vegetables and fruits ( no processed food and no rice because sugar is poison )

Single meal a day at night

My stomach and reflux problems greatly improved after that as I learned so much about my body during the fast


Since Omeprazole, i began to have eczema on both my arms which persisted for more than 5 years

The specialists prescribe the steroid creams which does away the eczema but they just come back again and again even after stopping Omeprazole

Highly conservative now about using any form of pharmaceutical drug, I decided that I wont use steroids for my skin as it does not give a lasting solution and it has horrible long term side effects


So I prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ persistently for healing of my eczema

Without steroids my eczema got worse and worse as I experimented with various non-steroidal creams and such over a period of 3 months

During this period of experimentation, God inspired me to shield my eczema mechanically by wearing long sleeved shirts

Thank God, that day when I received this revelation, I went to Esprit and all their stuff are 70% off !

However the long sleeves only sort of worked partially because the itching still persisted and the scratching continued


Until God led me to these articles


After reading this, God gave me the peace to fast for 3 days without food, only water

After of which the itching stopped and my eczema healed without the use of steroids


Recently toward the completion of my journey of healing, God led me to this

which explains so much of what I experienced and saw


Here are some interesting theories of which I received from reading all the articles above

1 ) Food Science Textbook – The rate of which a carbohydrate food is digested is influenced by the amount of fibre present in that food and this in turn influences the insulin response to that particular food consumed

2 ) Mercola ( 2009 ) – Aging is a disease, its symptoms are ( cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, cancer, all the so-called chronic diseases of aging and auto-immune diseases )

3 ) Mercola ( 2009 ) – Lifespan is determined by insulin and insulin resistance

4 ) Mercola ( 2009 ) – Insulin resistance stops the cells from receiving building materials, energy and vitamins hence this cause all the problems of aging and lowered immune system

5 ) Mercola ( 2009 ) – Insulin resistance increases every time our cells are exposed to insulin

6 ) Valter Longo ( 2004 ) – Fasting 3 days or more can rejuvenate immune systems with broad anti-aging benefits

7 ) Valter Longo ( 2015 ) – Fasting Mimicking Diet ( FMD ) decreases risk factors/biomarkers for aging, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer without major adverse effects, providing support for the use of FMDs to promote healthspan



Amidst the 7 theories above are interesting gems which have the potential to change entire landscapes of what is known and practiced today

As the Lord Jesus Christ guided me from sickness to health, I can’t help but wonder if the salvation I experienced is transferable to those who are in need

And indeed millions of people out there need this !

Let me give my life to test these theories by fire and acid

If the revelations of which I received are indeed of God and from God then let this serve to contribute towards the golden age of salvation for this dying world !




Since the Lord Jesus Christ called me back to Him, this thought is always not far from my mind

What if I back then I actually took the time back then to properly talk to my diabetic friend, to get to know him, to love him with the Love of God ?

What if he had a purpose in his life ?

What if he decides to live just so he can Love the people around him ?

Would then my friend live, have life and have it abundantly ?




Please pray for me that I be steadfast in this race, making all haste to reach the neighbors around me with the Truth and Love that is of God and is God

For God so Loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son to die for us on the cross, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life

For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved

Whosoever shall confess that Jesus is the Son of God, confess also that they known and believed the Love that God has for us

God is Love; and he that dwells in Love dwells in God, and God in him

This way is our Love is made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment : because then as the Lord Jesus Christ is, so are we in this world

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear : because fear has to do with punishment. He that fears is not made perfect in Love

We Love God, because God first loved us !

If a man say, I love God, and hates his brother, he is a liar : Because he that loves not his brother whom he can see, how can he love God whom he can’t see ?



This is why we first and foremost Love the Lord our God with all our heart, all our soul and all our mind

Because as God is Love, when we are filled with the Love of God in our hearts, our soul and our mind then we can now Love our neighbors as ourselves

Through this the whole Law is fulfilled, that by grace we are saved through faith ; Not through anything that we done but by the free gift that is God, of God and from God



Awhile ago I observed there is an interesting side effect to living according to God’s commands and hearing by the word of God

Doth manifest hence the Kingdom of God ?

Doth manifest hence the Kingdom of Love ?


If its real that true riches are indeed not money but the strengthened bonds of people around us whom we gather through and into the glory of God’s Love, then

Doth manifest in our hands treasures of true wealth indestructible and secure ?


For I do confess that if I have all knowledge and know all mysteries of the world, but do not have Love, I am useless

And for sure if I have all faith even to the moving of mountains and speaking in the tongue of angels but having no Love, I am then nothing

Even till the giving of all my possessions to feed the poor and surrendering my body to be burned, if I do it all without Love, I gain nothing

Doth manifest hence power and wisdom in darkness shine ?


All very exciting and interesting thoughts

Lets join hands together to put all of this through the test by fire and acid

That the results be emerged perfect and unblemished


Living jewels which shines for and from the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ

Even so, not my will but God’s will be done in earth, as it is in heaven


All glory to the Lord Jesus Christ forever everlasting

Hallelujah !


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