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MK 1 CoolTech Nylon L-101 Wrist Lightmeter : Lightmeter For Photography On Your Wrist !

Retail Price : RM 169.99 Approx ( Please Reach Us For Exact Price )

Product Type : Wrist mounted light meter 

Angle of detection : 30 degrees ( Similar to 70 – 90 mm focal length lens field of view )

Metering component : Photoelectric Meter

Iso detection range : ISO 25 – ISO 1600

Aperture Adjustable Range : f1.4 – f25

Battery Built In : Lithium Batt

Weight : 22g plus minus ( The Meter Itself )

Dimension : 35mm W x 39mm L x 18mm H ( The Meter Itself )

1 ) Aperture Priority Reflective Metering

2 ) Power down save settings ( Last saved parameters before shutdown )

3 ) Batt Power Remaining Indicator ( Usb charged, usually batt can last one week, each time takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to charge )

4 ) Can use with multiple hotshoe mounts ( By default will send standard hotshoe mount type, if you use Leica M camera or Polaroid plz inform us in order to get special mounting for ur camera )

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