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Fashionista NOW: Wood Heel Leather Shoes For Your Every Day Chic Look

Wood Heel Leather Shoes For Your Every Day Chic Look

Credit | EllenRubenBagsShoes

Ladies, it’s time for some footwear game update and I’ve got something you might just fall in love with.

Like the clothes and jewelry we can’t help but to love, it’s natural to gravitate to certain design appeals in shoes.

And such is the case with this leather shoe as it nails it just so as I adore the upper vamp style that is loafer-like but not quite. And then just as it nears the heel, there is a curvature that allows for a peek-a-boo effect. I realize with shoes I happen to love on Etsy, this indie footwear label too is based in Israel and by now, I’m feeling like the best shoe makers are situated there. The Ellen Ruben Shoe and Bags has an array of drool-worthy selection of shoes and bags that seem to fall into the urban minimalist style niche that will appeal to those in love with versatility in highly-wearable design concepts.

I selected this wooden heel leather shoes to show how simplicity can truly be just it in comfy shoes and the rest are excellent craftsmanship. The shoes are made by hands. Made in leather and a 2 cm whole wood heels, these shoes are light and comfy, a perfect leather footwear of choice as you step into the spring and summer seasons with an effortless confidence. It’s not an overtly feminine shoe but one that carefully blends functionality and aesthetic elements together. It’s a shoe that feels at home in your every day outfit and being a slip-on one is a huge plus in my book.

Let’s appreciate the beauty of these light and breezy leather shoes, shall we?


Black Wood Heel Leather Shoes


| shop here


Pastel Yellow Wood Heel Leather Shoes


| shop here


Off White Wood Heel Leather Shoes


| shop here


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